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A Pieceful Life


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good morning world - it's a dull Sunday morning, but right now, I'm thinking it's beautiful. I'm really excited to get into blogging, and plan to share with you all my new life as a retired person. I'm currently reading Maeve Binchy's new book, Heart and Soul. A character in the book said she makes three resolutions every day - the current day she planned to persuade a patient to learn her medication names and uses, lose 4 pounds, and meet a new man at a charity dinner she planned to attend. The idea of setting resolutions regularly (daily, weekly) really attracted me. I wish I could plan to lose 4 pounds in a week, but know that's not going to happen, especially now at Christmas time. But I can determine to lose something!!! I joined Weight-watchers a few weeks ago, and am down 6 pounds all together, so feeling pretty positive about it all.
This character is a nurse, and I'm a retired nurse, so I could relate to her desire to persuade her patient to know all about her health care needs, but no need to do any persuading any longer. I just retired the end of October, so this is a new life-style for me. My DH has been retired for 7 years, and loves it - although right about now, he's probably wishing that I'd go back to work, so he could go back to his peaceful life!! The first day off, I turned our house upside down in order to move my sewing space into the family room. That meant moving the TV into the living room (but that gave us an excuse to buy a new TV, as the only reasonable space was over the fireplace and that meant a flat-screen). Anyway, the house got turned upside down the first day, but it took a week to get it back right-side up again. At least I know every nook and cranny is clean!! Since then, I've persuaded DH to build some sliding shelves in the kitchen cupboards, and finally replace the kitchen island countertop with a butcher block top. They're fabulous. And next time, I'll take the time to figure out how to post pictures so you can all see what they look like.
I also plan to make this blog a place to share my quilting adventures with you all. I'm fairly new to quilting, mostly because working didn't give me the time I'd have liked to devote to it. But I've taken on a really big project this past year that I'll share as well.
Well, it seems I have lots of resolutions, at least in relation to blogging. I'll get back to you all in a few days - maybe my first real resolution will be to blog at least once a week.

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