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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I just read my sister's blog Walking in a Winter Wonderland, and couldn't resist adding a comment about the winter wonderland here. My sister lives in northern BC, where they've had snow now for weeks, and sub-zero temperature for almost as long. But here in the Fraser Valley, we've only experienced winter for a few days. The wind started blowing on Saturday, 4 days ago, shook up the whole town downing trees, carrying shingles off roofs, and knocking out the power for varying periods just enough to mess up all the clocks in the house!! Temperatures hit -7, forcing us to pull out all the stops and gather up the warmest winter wear we could find. The dog got her first walk in days on Tuesday, with a quick trip to check the mail - that's all I could stand as my face felt like it was freezing in the wind. But she doesn't seem to mind, as her trips to the back yard are shorter and less frequent in this weather. This morning, we woke to our first snowfall. It started sometime during the night and we have enough to make us shovel the driveway - which will only need to be redone again in a few hours. So here we are, hunkered down, with flashlights and candles and butane stove at the ready for the next power outage, fireplaces burning brightly to keep the temperature up in the house, and me sneaking in a quick blog before being cut off from the world again.

What we discovered during the last power outages is that we lose phone contact too quite quickly - the battery backup for the phone line may last 8 hours, but the portable phones only last about an hour before those batteries die. So yesterday, we went and got the cell phone we've been meaning to buy since I retired and the phone got retired with me. That was an adventure in itself, until we found a wonderfully knowledgeable young man at Wireless Wave who walked us through the whole process of selecting the right phone, the right plan, the necessary add-ons, initializing the phone, setting up an account, getting a good holder (which cost almost as much as the phone in the end), and charging us less than the price listed for the phone on the display!! Now we just have to figure out all the buttons (which we can actually read without glasses) and make sure we know what we're doing before we head for Calgary later this week.

Anyway, enough today about the weather. I promised you a picture of my Delectable Mountains quilt, so here it is.

I'm absolutely thrilled with this, and love being able to show it off on our bed.

This week, I also finished a little Christmas table topper, combining two blocks: a 4-square Kaleidoscope that we learned at our Monday night quilting group, and Disappearing 9-patch. It turned out rather well, I thought - it's just below here.

While I'm sharing quilt pictures - here's a picture of Criss-Cross Applesauce, that I made with Blue Meadow designs. It was a Mystery Quilt, but I only discovered it after the mystery had been solved.

So, on to the day - getting packed for our trip to Calgary to spend Christmas with 2 of our children. The last picture for today shows our spare bedroom as it looks as we try to get organized for the trip - taking food, gifts, camera, all the essentials for traveling in snow. And by the way, the quilt hanging in the background is a Double Wedding Ring king-size that I picked up in Oklahoma a few years ago for a real deal!!

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  1. Wow! Three wonderful quilts. The one on your bed is beautiful!

    Merry Christmas!