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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Home again and back to quilting

Good Monday morning, world. I know it's been a while since I shared with you all last, but it's been an incredibly busy week. We finally were able to leave Calgary on Jan 11. As we left the city, moon hung over the horizon enticing us to try to reach for it. This pic is what it looked like over Nose Hill.

We stopped at Canmore for breakfast, and there was this herd of elk. It's not often we've seen this many together in one spot, and had to preserve the memory. The snow and the mountains were brilliant.

Our drive home was essentially uneventful, and we pulled up to the house at about noon on Monday. Since then it's been flat out busy. Unpacking, collecting the cat, getting Christmas put away, catching up with all of our friends' lives, strata council meeting, getting back into exercising and dieting, getting hair cut (it was really, really shaggy!!), Highland Games meeting, and finally, finally starting to make some progress on the anniversary quilt. This picture is the strip sets on my design board, ready to be sewn into blocks. As you can see, I'm short a few strip sets, but that has been rectified, and today I should get at least some of them sewn together. As I've said before, this is for an anniversary gift for my parents - so if you know them, please be sure not to tell them about this. The reunion (for their 60th) is in August, and I'm hoping to surprise them with this.

Getting back to Weight Watchers this week brought the pleasant news that my weight is still on the downward slide, which served the purpose of encouraging me to keep on keeping on.
During the week, our strata secretary resigned for personal reasons, so I'm going to take on her duties until a replacement can be found. So today I need to get the news out to the owners at large to see if we get a response to the appeal. Our Highland Games executive meeting was successful, and decisions/plans for the year were laid out, now those need to be shared with the membership.
We finished the week with celebrating a friend's 60th birthday party - a great time, met up with many, many old friends we haven't seen in a long, long time. So the catching up with friends' lives included finding out how things have been going for some people we haven't seen in literally years - grandchildren and retirement and moves ....
So my goals for the week: lose another pound or two, get the strip sets all sewn together in blocks, deliver the t-shirt quilt top to the quilter, get the strata minutes and HG minutes out to the world, and sign up for a cake decorating class!!!

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