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Friday, January 30, 2009

New things

It took me a while to get back to this. Yesterday, my friend Bev posted on her blog this new method of writing blogs. It intrigued me so I wanted to experiment. First I started to download this Windows Live Writer, to discover that I already had it!! Who knew? Then, in order to try to practice inserting pictures, etc with this, I needed to get some pictures out of our camera, which led me to remembering that I hadn’t yet made the 2008 Photo Album Disc, which meant I needed to go through the pictures, and make sure they were all organized, then copy them onto the disc, then make sure I had the ones separated out that I want to actually print and put in a physical album, then make sure significant pictures, and other documents, are on the external hard drive (so if the computer crashes…), then select the pictures I actually wanted to insert here, then finally get back to this.
So, this week, we went to DH’s brother’s to meet their new puppy. Holly is an 8-wk-old golden retriever, and just an adorable ball of fluff.

So this is cool!!! Much easier to insert pics. There are apparently a number of fonts that can be used, which I’ll not try out right now.
As for the rest of the week – well, I got fabric for the applique for the anniversary quilt. Now I just need to decide what shape I want to applique – the pattern has hands, which is what attracted me in the first place. But stitching (either by machine or hand) 42 of these in place is going to be more than daunting. So I thought of doing mittens – which serves 2 purposes: simpler stitching, and more space for people to write. But mittens seems very child-like, and I’m not sure that’s how I want the quilt to end up. Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly thought of ovals (cameos, pictures, that kind of image). And this morning, in those wee small hours when I was wishing I was asleep, I thought of hearts – family, love … So what do you all think?
As for the dog bed covers – well the fabric is sorted, and some decisions made, but not much further ahead yet with that. I did buy some colorful cat fabric to make a cover for a bed for the cat’s basket (which has had a towel folded in it for the last 11 years). She doesn’t sleep in there much, but the fabric was cheap at 60% off, so I thought – well, it’s another project, one more to add to the list, not too urgent to get done any time soon …
So onto the next week. DS#1 will be arriving from Calgary today. He’s spending the weekend before he heads to NWT to work in a diamond mine. We inherit the dog – a lovely 11-year-old black lab (thank heaven she comes with her own beds already made!!) DS will be here for the weekend and family will gather to spend time together on Sunday. Beyond that, I think I just need to tackle some of these projects and see if I can make some headway, start on the ESS courses, and of course lose some more weight.

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  1. Peg, that is too funny that we have used the same fabric. Your quilt is gorgeous too. I just cant seem to stay away from Burgundy & Green! In fact my house has a lot of those colors in it.
    Love your blog too. Keep on Stitchin!