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A Pieceful Life


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Found it!

Well, actually it appeared. My sister-in-law will appreciate this. On Friday evening I started sewing, and reached for my tape measure, which was not where I expected it to be. It's the old-fashioned kind that hangs around the neck, and I've had it for 30-odd years. Not too concerned, I pulled out the new retractable one that was a Christmas gift, thinking 'it'll show up'. Well, Saturday morning, still no sight of the missing measurer. By then, I was really beginning to wonder, and started searching drawers and corners, even cleaned out the garbage can!!! Nothing, nada, nowhere to be seen. My sister-in-law arrived, and I was telling her about it. Shortly later, something else appeared (can't remember now what it was - something I hadn't seen in a while, but wasn't really looking for either), and SIL said 'wouldn't it be nice if your tape measure appeared that way'. Actually I had decided that it had fallen in the garbage and been sent off to the netherworld of the garbage dump earlier in the week. This morning, I approached my sewing table, apparently from a different angle than any of the ones I was at yesterday and the day before, and there it was!!! Tucked under the corner (not actually completely out of sight) of the cover on my serger. I must have put it aside to be out of the way, and it got moved slightly while I was working around it. Anyway - the lost is found, the prodigal is back in its home, and I'm happy to have my companion available again when I need to check those measurements out. There's something about the old and familiar that is not always satisfactorily replaced by the new and technologically up-to-date. So for any of you hunting for something, take heart, it may appear!!

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