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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s weekend everyone – I know I’m a day late, but I hope you all had a great day yesterday, and were able to celebrate with a loved one (or 2 or 3 or…).  DH and I went out to dinner at a very classy restaurant in Chilliwack.  We’d been given a gift certificate some time ago, and decided to use it for Valentine’s.  We dressed up, and went out to enjoy a romantic evening – candlelight and mood music included.  Most people there were dressed for the occasion, except the guy at the table next to us – T-shirt, shorts and floppies.  We were quite amazed – at the casual attire and the fact that he must have thought he was in the Bahamas or somewhere despite temperatures hovering somewhere around 2 degrees!!!  Anyway, we had a lovely dinner and ignored diets for the evening, so the dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache with gold sprinkled on top was heaven!!!
It’s been a busy week – got the dog beds all done, including an extra one for the brother- and sister-in-law’s new golden puppy.

I also hung up the anniversary quilt on the design board, and took scraps of fabric and batting and scattered them around, to get some idea of what it’s going to look like finished.  See what you think:

I’ve actually decided to go with ovals (cameos) and have everybody sign on a piece of paper and either email or snail-mail it to me.  I’ll copy onto the fabric, and then applique on top after the quilting is done.  So, I’ll be talking to the quilter I hope this week and get on with this.
There – 2 goals met.  Beyond that, I attended the team meeting for work, and we worked through our RN competencies (an annual requirement for licensing), so I can now apply for my registration and honestly say that I’ve done my review for the year.  Also got the Introductory course for Emergency Social Services completed, and passed the quizzes, as did DH; did some more work with the Strata council on the budget, in preparation for the AGM in April – this is the last year I’ll do this as I’ve decided five years is enough at one stretch, it’s time they had some new blood on council; the mystery quilt from Blue Meadow Designs is started; the dogs checked out okay at the vet – Jemma needs her teeth cleaned and that will get done on Tuesday, Sadie has a little lump on her ear that we need to watch, but otherwise they’re both just fine;  I lost 3 oz. according to the Weight Watchers scale, but at least it was down not up.  I didn’t get around to printing any pictures – maybe I’ll do that today.
I’m going to take a little break from quilting and work on a jigsaw puzzle that’s been sitting in the closet for a while.  It’s a mystery puzzle, the kind I like best.  The first mystery is fact that there’s no picture to follow, the second mystery is related to the story that’s included.  One is supposed to read the story, and solve the mystery by completing the puzzle.  I never read the story first, because I can’t remember the details long enough to get the puzzle done (unless it’s a one-dayer, but this one is 1000 pieces, so I anticipated most of this week working on it).
I have chosen my next quilt project – a Joan’s Own pattern called Homespun Harmony.  Joan lives in Alberta and designs and makes quilts using an applique method that finishes the appliques with a satin stitch.  I fell in love with Joan’s quilts several years ago, and have done a few of them – here’s a couple of pics:

This was the first – done at a class at a quilt retreat about 5 years ago – it hangs in our trailer and has become the theme for the decor in it.  The instructor taught a version of Joan’s method of applique.

This one was done at a class at the Craft Show a year or so ago – Joan herself taught this class, and was a delightful instructor. 
This afternoon, we’re going to celebrate with family again as our nephew is hosting an open house at his new (first) home.  That should be fun.
For this week: finish the jigsaw puzzle, get the ESS on-line courses done, do the next step on the mystery quilt, hopefully start a cake decorating class (the last one was cancelled because there weren’t enough students), attend at an ESS course on Saturday, get fabric to start on Christmas stockings – that’s a whole other story I’ll share another time, get fabrics together for the Homespun Harmony quilt.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.                      Peg

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