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Friday, February 6, 2009

More new things

Well, decided to try something else new (to me) this morning. Up to now I’ve been transferring photos from camera to computer via the USB cord provided with the camera. Some time ago, my sister-in-law gave us a card reader for just that purpose, but I never got around to trying it out. So I thought, while I’m learning new computer stuff anyway, why not try this out too. But, I discovered that the card reader doesn’t plug directly into the computer – it requires a cord as well, which I don’t have. So in discussing this with DH, he said there should be a slot on the computer for the card – who knew he knew more about the computer that I do!!! Anyway, we found the slot and plugged the card in (very tentatively because we were afraid of jamming it in the wrong way and we’d lose the card, the pictures and the slot all at the same time). Well, it worked, the pictures opened, they got transferred to the appropriate files, and some of them are below here to share with you all.
I’m sure I told you all that DS arrived from Calgary to bring his dog prior to him leaving for NWT to work. We had a good weekend together and nearby family came to visit, and now Jemma (11 yo black lab) has settled in nicely – only one dog fight!!! Here’s a pic of both dogs:

DS sent a note when he arrived at the mine, telling us to give Jemma a treat for him – he must be missing her terribly, she’s been part of his life for 10 1/2 years.

Quilting progress was made – the first of three dog bed covers is now complete. I’m very happy with this, just need to cut a piece of foam:

I’ve selected companion fabrics to make the next 2 dog beds.  And fabric to make a quilt for our trailer.  And fabric for the mystery quilt that Blue Meadow Designs is doing. This is a table topper from a charm pack, with companion fabrics – this pic only shows some of the charm pack squares.

I still haven’t decided what to do with the anniversary quilt. Having asked for opinions, I now have more than I can handle, so it’s on the back burner for a bit until I make a decision. On Monday, I’ll go back to my quilting group and discuss it again. Hopefully the member with the long-arm machine will be back from her vacation, and will be able to give me some advice as well re the actual quilting.
In the meantime, our week has been very full. DH and I volunteered for Community Driving and for Community Disaster Assistance (Emergency Social Services) – both had meetings on Thursday, so we met the teams for the first time, and are already involved. I’m also looking into volunteering at the local high school library (ulterior motives there – possibly get some current library experience to make me more attractive for a job with the regional library). I also spoke to my former boss, and will be returning to work for the month of March, and then maybe a bit more in the summer. And – I lost another couple of pounds!!! Now I’m almost at my first goal, which will make me a Lifetime Member of WeightWatchers, so won’t have to pay to go to meetings – another bonus to losing weight!! ESS courses will wait until next week, after we get the manuals, but we’re registered on-line so we’re ready to roll.
Goals for the coming week: more dog beds, get the first blocks done of the mystery quilt, attend a team meeting for work, get the dogs to the vet (Jemma needs her thyroid level checked), ESS courses, finally print some of last years’ pictures. That should be enough, don’t you think? Oh, and strata council meeting – more work on the budget for the coming year.
Have a wonderful week everyone, and God bless you all.

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