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Friday, February 27, 2009

Quilt, don’t quilt, quilt, don’t quilt …

Well, taking a break from quilting was good, but somehow it was hard to get back into things. Then I went shopping – got a companion fabric for the cat bed cover, backing and applique fabrics for the Anniversary quilt, some bits and pieces for Homespun Harmony … Well to say the least, I’m back at it!!! Not sure why I see-sawed so much the early part of the week.
Yesterday morning and evening I sewed, and sewed, and sewed. Actually didn’t sew near as much as some do, but a lot for me, as I can usually only manage 1-2 hours at any given stretch. But I skipped exercises because of the snow, and spent that time instead at the machine. End result:

Our cat now has her own bed, and not just a towel. Not that she actually chooses to sleep in this basket very often, rather she chooses to leave her hair on the dining room chairs, living room chairs and sofa, any fabric sitting out that she can try to claim as her own, underneath the sheets if I don’t get the bed made soon enough – well you get the picture.
I also managed to make headway with some of the pieces to Homespun Harmony, and got the rows sewn for the Blue Meadows Mystery quilt (I’ll probably finish that one up today).
Other than that the week has been very, very busy. Saturday, DH and I spent at an ESS class – wow there’s a lot more to this than first meets the eye. Sunday afternoon, we met brother- and sister-in-law at the dog show, fell in love with a Westie. Monday afternoon there was a follow-up to the apartment fire, giving vouchers for another day’s hotel stay and restaurant meals for those that needed it – more learning!!! Now that was an experience – seeing Red Cross, Salvation Army, Community Services, local Ministerial Association, various church representatives, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Social Services (not sure that that’s still their title), and various others all coming together to support and offer services as needed while people are essentially homeless. Tuesday evening I went to work for a few hours’ reorientation in preparation for working next month. Wednesday morning was shopping, (the snow was just starting as we left in the morning, by the time we got home it was near blizzard in Agassiz – so happy to have a hubby to drive and take care of me), then in the evening DH and I went out to help the ESS director do up the paperwork and statistics to finish up the disaster responses from Friday and Monday. Thursday (yesterday) sewing as above, WeightWatchers meeting at noon, Bible study in the afternoon, then a little more sewing in the evening, and in between getting laundry and housework done. The good news yesterday was that I’ve reached my first weight-loss goal (15 lb.), so just a few more to go to get to where I need to be!
Income tax has also been filed, so just waiting for the big bucks to come – so we can spend some more money!! By the way, anybody need a car – our Jetta is for sale, a good car for somebody needing something for local driving.
The snow was a bit of a surprise, but we were warned. I think nobody thought it would be so much!!! Pictures – my friend Bev (Kaleidoscopes) has posted on her blog so you can all see what our world looked like yesterday. This morning, with sun shining yesterday afternoon, most of it is gone, but there’s still some slippery spots – so careful driving those of you who live around here and will be heading out today.
As for me today – plan to finish up the Mystery Quilt, and other than that relax as much as possible, and get the dogs out for a walk – they’ve been a little housebound with this weather and are getting a bit antsy. Goals for the next week: weight-loss, get the Anniversary quilt to the quilter and start on making the appliques for it, see if I can make some progress with Homespun Harmony, get the budget for the strata finalized – that’s just about enough!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, God bless you all.

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