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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 12 days since I got to sharing with you all.  Days have been jam-packed – work, work and more work – now I know for sure why I needed to slow down.  The month of relieving at almost full time is over – whew! – and I can get back to my real life.  I will be working some, but not near as much as this month, and I’m tired and ready to stay home again for a while – well at least a day or two. 
Not much in the way of quilting has been accomplished.  I picked away at Homespun Harmony, making a major error on one of the panels, which will have to be redone from scratch, and which made me a little discouraged and less inclined to work on it.  But, I’ll get over that soon. 

My dear sister, a chief librarian in a small town in northern BC, sent me a bunch of quilting books.  The library had received a large donation, she picked out a few to put on the shelves, and re-donated them to me!!  What a treasure!!  This is a true mother-lode of quilting knowledge and ideas.  There are books on how-to, books on different types of blocks, books of quilt patterns, books of projects, by authors like Carol Doak, Cori Meyers and Myra Harder, Lynnette Jennings, Debbie Mumm and many more – unbelievable – 20 in all.  Now there was inspiration – wish I could do them all!! 
Our involvement with Emergency Social Services has taken us to two more courses in the last week – this is fascinating stuff, and we’re getting to know some of our counterparts in other communities.  I have one more course (about paperwork) next month – DH has chosen not to get into that aspect if he can at all avoid it – and then there’s no more until the fall.  But at least now we have the basics if there’s an emergency we need to respond to.
We did find time to go to the RV Show with friends, and got all excited about the camping season coming up – we’ve booked a spot for Easter weekend for our first trip out.  DH’s brother and sister-in-law bought a new trailer this winter, and they’re anxious to get out and test it, so we’re going together.  Just getting out in the trailer and sitting around a campfire and visiting with the folks we meet and simply relaxing for a few days – almost more than anyone could ask out of life!
Oh, and I did manage to drop a couple more pounds –not far to go now!!
So, on to the day – need to do some banking, and then to watch DS#2 coach his soccer team through a Cup game, then some grocery shopping, maybe a stop at Costco on our way to dinner at friends in Burnaby.  And on to the week – work on Sunday evening (the only day this week), time I hope finally to actually work on some quilting and make progress, ESS AGM, the Sewing and Crafts Show next weekend (oh, goodie, a chance to learn and shop!), and a little more weight loss (hope to reach my goal this week).
All of you have a wonderful week – take care and God bless!


  1. How lovely to have all those books sent to you, there is always some inspiration to be found. I ahve kept quilting magazines from way eay back, usually ones that I have bought in Canada.
    My daughter lives in a small town in Northern BC too, and we have had many lovely visits there.

  2. Lucky you! So many wonderful books.