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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of projects, and weddings, and turkeys and things

So while everybody else seems to be making progress, I’m left with dreams.  I did get one project finished, actually more than a week ago.  Do you remember the black and yellow ‘quilter’ fabric that I said would be a surprise project?  Well, I finished it just before Easter weekend, and presented one to my sister-in-law:
 These are quilt block totes – fabric sewn into a ‘book’ of blank flannel pages, with ribbon ties so that quilt blocks can be inserted and ‘toted’ to a quilting group, class, whatever.  It was fun getting these together.
I do have the first steps done in the scrappy Trips challenge, will try to get to that today or tomorrow to make some progress.

Now for some really special fabric – G, from our Monday evening quilting group (really do have to find a name for ourselves), went to Zambia for a missions trip, and brought back several pieces of fabric and we each got to pick our favorite. It's gorgeous!!  There are 2 meters, and I’m thinking of making a sun-dress from it.

I don’t know if you picked up on it or not, but – our DD called on Saturday, her birthday, early in the morning (I was waiting for a reasonable hour to call her) to announce her engagement!!!  She lives in Calgary, and DH had gone there to meet with DS1 for turkey hunting (and to visit with her as well).  On Thursday, after he’d arrived, the boyfriend called to say he wanted to talk to DH, and made his intentions known, asking for blessing on their upcoming marriage, which was very freely given.  So the ring was presented on her birthday morning and I got the phone call.  They plan on a destination wedding – date and place yet to be determined – but we’re headed into the planning process full steam, with a visit from the kids on May long weekend so we can all get together.  Exciting days ahead!  She sent me a picture of her ring:

The guys managed to bag a turkey while they were out:
 So at least their trip was worthwhile – the turkey stayed in Calgary though so we probably won’t be tasting it.
So on to the next week or so – goals:  finish up the flimsy for the scrappy Trips, get started on a dog bed cover to see if that’s going to work out, do the project for the blue-and-yellow fabric, meet with another friend who wants some table runners – pick out patterns and go shopping for fabric, attend an ESS course on Saturday, and get some work done in the garden while the sun shines.

Friends - and Future Projects

Things have been a bit scattered here, and I haven’t been actually writing down my goals lately, but they’re always there waiting to get done. Some got done, some didn’t. Thursday last week, DH left for Calgary to go out turkey hunting with DS1. I thought I’d have 5 glorious days to sew, and sew, and sew – it was apparently not meant to be. But while I haven't been sewing so much, the rest of the Monday evening quilting group have been very busy:

This first quilt is L's that she's been hand-quilting for several weeks and is almost done!! Fabulous work. This second is another L's - her very first, and has been a great learning experience for her. She's done beautiful work, and is ready to layer and send it off to a quilter

These next 2 are W's - she always does real fun quilts like these. The one with the flying geese she calls 'Geese Over Agassiz' - in the center geese flying in the blue skys and sunshine (or over corn whichever way you want to look at it) with the cows in the fields below. We all saw it immediately, but apparently her DH said he didn't know what she was talking about.

These 2 are A's - quilts for grandkids. The Sunbonnet Sues were a long time in the making - and if you look closely the sashing is a Sunbonnet Sue print (and she had enough to put that on the back as well). The red and black is all the things her grandson likes to do.

This is W's scrappy Trips Around the World. We've challenged each other to do this, and hers is the first one sandwiched. Amazing to look at through a peephole!!

Friday afternoon, my brother and sister-in-law called to say they were coming for a visit, arriving sometime on Saturday. We had a great time catching up and SIL and I talked quilting to our hearts’ content. Then we went shopping on Monday:

Lots and lots and lots of fabrics to get onto more and more projects.
Another post to follow with a couple more pics

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tale of a T-shirt Quilt

Once upon a time there was a young woman, a daughter, sister, spouse, friend. Lovely to behold, she had a love for life that showed in her enthusiasm and laughter. She had a kind, considerate, caring, loving, generous spirit that drew others to her, and she was surrounded by friends – both related and not.
One day, a friend told her of his parents’ hobby of collecting t-shirts from Harley Davidson rallies over many, many years and their desire to have the logos from the t-shirts made into a memory quilt.
Well, this wonderful young woman thought and thought about how she could help her friends’ parents get their wish. So she wrote a letter to her mother, who lived in a far-off land. Ten minutes later, when the mother received the letter, she drew a deep breath, and took up the challenge.
On a day set aside to honor Mothers, the two families gathered to celebrate and the t-shirts passed from one mother to the next. Over the next months, the young woman’s mother cut, measured, calculated, stabilized, measured, calculated, cut, measured, calculated, sewed, measured, calculated, sewed and sewed. Eventually the t-shirts were transformed into a quilt top. The quilt top then went off to a professional to become a real quilt. It then returned to the mother’s house for the finishing touches:

I know I’ve mentioned this quilt once or twice in the last few months, and maybe some of you have been wondering what I was talking about – well here it is. This is the biggest quilting challenge I’ve faced so far (mind you I only have about 5 years under my belt and nothing very complicated), and I spent a lot of time talking to quilters with a lot more experience than I have to get tips and tricks for getting this together. Many, many thanks go to Maureen, Hermie, Leslie, Norma – and a lot of gratitude to the Monday night quilters for listening to me and supporting and encouraging me in the process. I’m hoping the owners will be happy with it.
On this, the day before her birthday, I want to honor my DD for the wonderful person that she is, for her love and friendship to me and her father, her brothers, her spouse and the friends that fill her life. She’s always there to celebrate the successful times, to honor the special times, to support in the hard times. She’s a ray of sunshine in our lives, and we thank God that He gave her to us. Since she moved to Calgary nearly 3 years ago, we miss being able to visit regularly, but rejoice in the good things that have come her way during these years.
I also want to thank her for the challenge that she brought my way in asking if I’d do this quilt. It’s been almost a year since the t-shirts first came into the house, and there were many moments I wondered what I was doing and if I really was up to the challenge. Right now I’m feeling a lot of satisfaction in having tried at least, and now I know what it means to make a quilt from t-shirts. The quilt will go to its ‘forever’ home very shortly – I think I’m going to miss it, too!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It is Easter Sunday morning, and my heart is singing:
Christ the Lord is risen today – Ha-a-a-a-a-le-e-lu-u-jah
Sons of men and angels say – Ha-a-a-a-a-le-e-lu-u-jah
Raise your voice in triumph high – Ha-a-a-a-a-le-e-lu-u-jah
Sing ye heavens and earth reply – Ha-a-a-a-a-le-e-lu-u-jah

We’re out camping, so will be missing the sun-rise service at home, but as I took the dog for her early morning outing, I took a few moments to contemplate the meaning of the day – to the world at large, and to me personally. It’s raining and dull out there, certainly not a day when one wants to be outside, but the birds are singing, a sure sign that the rain won’t last long. It felt like the birds were reflecting the joyousness and wonder of this most special day of the year, no matter the outward appearance.
As I walked, I imagined the three women going to the tomb on that early Sunday morning all those years ago. If it wasn’t gloomy out of doors, it was certainly gloomy in their hearts. They had no idea, despite prophecy, despite Christ’s teachings, that he wouldn’t be there, his body waiting their final ministrations. Instead they found an empty tomb, the first proof that Christ indeed was alive, had triumphed over death and Satan, had given Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit, that we (I) could have everlasting life. How wonderful is that!!! I can only rejoice, and we’re told that shortly after the empty tomb was discovered, Christ’s disciples and followers began to rejoice as they learned just what He’d done for them, how He’d given His life, that He’d risen to dwell in Heaven waiting for believers to join Him there in eternal rejoicing.
So on this blessed morning, I wish you all God’s blessing, and pray that you too know the joy and peace of Christ as Savior.
In His Name

Friday, April 10, 2009

Reaching Goals

Do you ever wonder why a person sets goals - ever? I often wonder why I bother, especially when somehow the goals never get accomplished. I set out blogging with the plan to share weekly, and include goals and accomplishments with each post. At times I've looked back at the previous post to discover that I'd not accomplished any of the goals for the week. The hardest goal some weeks was continued weight loss.

Well, yesterday I went to WeightWatchers for the weekly meeting, paid the big bucks, stepped up to the scales with bated breath - and got the good news that I'd reached the goal. The goal had changed slightly, because it was learned that I'm a little taller than I thought I was, but that was okay with me. I'd made it!! On to 'maintenance'!! Moving forward!!

At last - there were times in the last few weeks that I though I'd never make it. As my weight bounced slightly, generally more down than up but still not steady down, I swung between utter discouragement and absolute elation. Last week, with a slight gain, I felt like I'd been at this forever, and there was no point in continuing, no point to all the effort, might as well enjoy that brownie. Popcorn fills the hole, but doesn't come with the ecstacy of a good piece of chocoloate!! Suddenly, in just a few minutes, I saw the point in 'keeping on keeping on'. My self esteem took a huge boost and I felt encouraged and relieved and successful all at once. It's amazing how a goal reached can change one's attitude.

So - goal reached - and if you all don't mind, I'll keep on sharing goals and accomplishments - if nothing else it keeps me on track.

A birthday giveaway

Just took a few minutes out here at the campground to check out the blogs and came across a give-away. Check it out here

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quilter Heaven

I know, I know, I’ve been away for nearly 2 weeks – and what have I been doing?  Well one of the things was the Sewing and Crafts Show on Friday and Saturday last week.  I look forward to this event every year, an opportunity to shop for reasonable prices at several quilting/fabric/notions stores all in one place, take a lesson or two or sometimes five, visit with quilting buddies and just revel in the atmosphere, sights and sounds.
I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera, but …
Here’s a little taste of the show in the purchases I made:
100_3907 This 6-hour quilt pattern may answer to the request my niece has made: dog bed covers to sell in her shop.  It’s quilt-as-you-go, so as soon as I clear up a little of what’s on my pile of projects, I’ll be experimenting.  It’s suggested the quilt be done on a surger, so I need to practice with the surger and see if it’s going to do the job – having some problems with it, so not sure.
But on that note, I did take in a seminar called Surger Success.  Carola Russell from Gibson’s up on the Sunshine Coast was the instructor.  She’s fabulous, and really knows her fabrics, threads, machines, techniques.  She gave lots of tips for keeping a surger working well, and for getting successful projects.  My surger is an old Brother that was given to me by a friend who got it from another friend who apparently hadn’t used it in years.  I had it tuned up and took a quick lesson but have done very little on it so far.  The last time I had it out, I was having tension problems, but Carola addressed that in her talk, so I have some ideas now how to tackle this.
But back to the Show – these fabrics found their way into my bag:
100_3909 Some of them are ‘just because’.  The Easter eggs I fell in love with – no idea what will happen to it but some day!!  The dog print and plaid are for a potential dog bed cover – will need something more to go with it, but that will come.  The western print is set aside to use in our trailer where we have a western theme, and I have a number of fabrics now to work with to come up with some projects.  The cloverleafs – well I always wanted a table topper for St. Paddy’s Day.
At one booth, I spent enough to get a free kit to make this little goodie:100_3908 I just need to sew on the button and I have a little purse to carry around my cabin key when we’re on a cruise.
Then notions:
100_3912 The ‘sticks’ are for making the bias tubes for Celtic or Stained Glass quilts – another one of my dreams.  The little ruler is for marking squares to sew and cut triangles.  The music buttons are for Homespun Harmony which is still in progress.  And I just fell in love with the Easter buttons – again, no idea what I’m going to do with them.
Then one of the free magazines had this gem of an idea:
100_3913 Now I need to learn how to smock.
On Monday, we decided to make a quick trip up to Kelowna to visit my parents – sunshine, good roads, they were home – so off we went.  We had a great visit, and one of my sisters had left a package with them for me:
100_3911 This is a bed-topper that was in the spare room of my grandparents’ home in Calgary.  They passed away in 1979 and 1986, and my sister has had this packed away all these years.  She thought I might like to have it (or it was going to a thrift store somewhere).   I snapped it up right away – it’s a wonderful memento of beloved grandparents, and brings back memories of visiting them.  Completely reversible, it will take proud place on the back of our sofa – light colors for summer, darker for winter.
Goals – well, I didn’t get much sewing/quilting done, I didn’t reach my weight goal, but I (obviously) did get to the Sewing and Crafts Show.  Not sure what my goals for the week are – we’ll be spending 4 days in the trailer so don’t imagine a lot will be accomplished. 
Have a wonderful blessed Easter honoring our Lord’s sacrifice for all his beloved.                        Peg