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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of projects, and weddings, and turkeys and things

So while everybody else seems to be making progress, I’m left with dreams.  I did get one project finished, actually more than a week ago.  Do you remember the black and yellow ‘quilter’ fabric that I said would be a surprise project?  Well, I finished it just before Easter weekend, and presented one to my sister-in-law:
 These are quilt block totes – fabric sewn into a ‘book’ of blank flannel pages, with ribbon ties so that quilt blocks can be inserted and ‘toted’ to a quilting group, class, whatever.  It was fun getting these together.
I do have the first steps done in the scrappy Trips challenge, will try to get to that today or tomorrow to make some progress.

Now for some really special fabric – G, from our Monday evening quilting group (really do have to find a name for ourselves), went to Zambia for a missions trip, and brought back several pieces of fabric and we each got to pick our favorite. It's gorgeous!!  There are 2 meters, and I’m thinking of making a sun-dress from it.

I don’t know if you picked up on it or not, but – our DD called on Saturday, her birthday, early in the morning (I was waiting for a reasonable hour to call her) to announce her engagement!!!  She lives in Calgary, and DH had gone there to meet with DS1 for turkey hunting (and to visit with her as well).  On Thursday, after he’d arrived, the boyfriend called to say he wanted to talk to DH, and made his intentions known, asking for blessing on their upcoming marriage, which was very freely given.  So the ring was presented on her birthday morning and I got the phone call.  They plan on a destination wedding – date and place yet to be determined – but we’re headed into the planning process full steam, with a visit from the kids on May long weekend so we can all get together.  Exciting days ahead!  She sent me a picture of her ring:

The guys managed to bag a turkey while they were out:
 So at least their trip was worthwhile – the turkey stayed in Calgary though so we probably won’t be tasting it.
So on to the next week or so – goals:  finish up the flimsy for the scrappy Trips, get started on a dog bed cover to see if that’s going to work out, do the project for the blue-and-yellow fabric, meet with another friend who wants some table runners – pick out patterns and go shopping for fabric, attend an ESS course on Saturday, and get some work done in the garden while the sun shines.


  1. While searching blogs I ran across you.Our names are the same, I'm a retired nurse, christian wife and mother of six, grandmother of 11. Love your fabrics and your stories. I have just started to paint and have a few pictures on my blog. I would love to add you to my blog list. There are not many out there that I find common interests with. Happy Earth day.

  2. Hi Peggy - nice to meet you - would love to make friends through our blogs - feel free to add me to your blog list and I'll add you to mine.

  3. What lovely fabric you chose. We visited Hawaii some years ago, and the fabric I found was so attractive.
    congratulations on your daughter's engagement!

  4. I had a response from another lovely lady in France as the result of our contact. I am so looking forward to learning from all of you.