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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tale of a T-shirt Quilt

Once upon a time there was a young woman, a daughter, sister, spouse, friend. Lovely to behold, she had a love for life that showed in her enthusiasm and laughter. She had a kind, considerate, caring, loving, generous spirit that drew others to her, and she was surrounded by friends – both related and not.
One day, a friend told her of his parents’ hobby of collecting t-shirts from Harley Davidson rallies over many, many years and their desire to have the logos from the t-shirts made into a memory quilt.
Well, this wonderful young woman thought and thought about how she could help her friends’ parents get their wish. So she wrote a letter to her mother, who lived in a far-off land. Ten minutes later, when the mother received the letter, she drew a deep breath, and took up the challenge.
On a day set aside to honor Mothers, the two families gathered to celebrate and the t-shirts passed from one mother to the next. Over the next months, the young woman’s mother cut, measured, calculated, stabilized, measured, calculated, cut, measured, calculated, sewed, measured, calculated, sewed and sewed. Eventually the t-shirts were transformed into a quilt top. The quilt top then went off to a professional to become a real quilt. It then returned to the mother’s house for the finishing touches:

I know I’ve mentioned this quilt once or twice in the last few months, and maybe some of you have been wondering what I was talking about – well here it is. This is the biggest quilting challenge I’ve faced so far (mind you I only have about 5 years under my belt and nothing very complicated), and I spent a lot of time talking to quilters with a lot more experience than I have to get tips and tricks for getting this together. Many, many thanks go to Maureen, Hermie, Leslie, Norma – and a lot of gratitude to the Monday night quilters for listening to me and supporting and encouraging me in the process. I’m hoping the owners will be happy with it.
On this, the day before her birthday, I want to honor my DD for the wonderful person that she is, for her love and friendship to me and her father, her brothers, her spouse and the friends that fill her life. She’s always there to celebrate the successful times, to honor the special times, to support in the hard times. She’s a ray of sunshine in our lives, and we thank God that He gave her to us. Since she moved to Calgary nearly 3 years ago, we miss being able to visit regularly, but rejoice in the good things that have come her way during these years.
I also want to thank her for the challenge that she brought my way in asking if I’d do this quilt. It’s been almost a year since the t-shirts first came into the house, and there were many moments I wondered what I was doing and if I really was up to the challenge. Right now I’m feeling a lot of satisfaction in having tried at least, and now I know what it means to make a quilt from t-shirts. The quilt will go to its ‘forever’ home very shortly – I think I’m going to miss it, too!!


  1. That is amazing! REALLY AMAZING! But then you must be amazing to: raise this thoughtful daughter, take up the challenge and then spend a year creating a most marvelous and heartfelt gift. How fortunate she is to have you for a mother. Congratulations for finishing this huge project.

  2. Oh my goodness.....what a wonderful thing to do. What a project! You have made a real treasure.