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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quilting – what’s that?

Well, as anticipated, a week at work meant not much else happening around here, especially in the quilting line.   My dad had a rough time getting over his appendectomy, and didn’t get home until Thursday – very weak, tired, no appetite – he’s going to be a while getting back to his usual self.  At least there were no other problems that cropped up in the middle of this.  We’re going back to Kelowna tomorrow to visit.  I think this was just about as hard on my mom, too – having to drive, being alone at home, trying to figure out what she can cook to persuade Dad to eat … 
The week at work went well, but with some challenges coming my way that I was unable to resolve, so had to pass them on to the next person. 
Quilting, well – not so much!!  I did get a start on the table runners for my friend over last weekend, and hopefully will make some progress early this week.  We leave for a 2-week trailer trip on Friday, so all will be put on hold while we’re away.
This picture is being added much after the fact - the table runners completed:

Yesterday, last day of work, anxious to get home and start the weekend, and wouldn’t you know there was an accident.  East of Chilliwack, happened at about 1 p.m., traffic at a dead stop about 5 km away at 5 p.m.  It took nearly 1/2 an hour to get the 2 km to the next exit to get off the freeway – and get stopped again.  On such a lovely day, with the weekend coming up, everybody was trying to skirt the accident and the 20 more minutes to home became more than an hour.  At least the news informed us that there were no critical injuries or deaths – praise the Lord.  The scary parts – the number of people, including a semi-driver, using the shoulder to bypass the freeway traffic, and the people who thought driving down the opposite lane on the side roads around corners was a good way to shorten their time.  One light moment – a little boy at the side of the road with a sign ‘washroom here’.
So – on to another Saturday, and getting a few things done around the house and yard.  And we’re bottling wine, too.  No goals for the week other than progressing with the table runners.  Have a great weekend enjoying the sunshine, and a blessed week ahead.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

From Wedding Shopping to Hospital Visits

Well, it’s been an interesting week, to say the least. It started out last Friday with DD and fiance arriving in the evening to spend the weekend with all of us to do some wedding planning and shopping. Not only did we shop, we partied!! Friday evening a joint family dinner at the future in-laws. Saturday, lunch out in between shopping malls. Saturday evening a BBQ to celebrate the engagement. Sunday, another joint family dinner out with extended family from our side. The kids left Sunday evening (flights were way too expensive to fly on Victoria Day).

The shopping spree was extremely successful. We found the wedding dress – first stop (not the first dress of course) – very reasonable price. I’m not going to post a picture, because I don’t want to let out any secrets. Suffice it to say, my DD will be a beautiful bride. But here’s a pic of DD (on the right) and her future MIL and one of the bridesmaids at lunch.

 We went on to search for ideas for bridesmaids’ dresses and dresses for MOG and MOB – got some good ideas, but didn’t actually buy anything. We came home happy-tired.

The BBQ was up on a hill with a gorgeous view of the valley. So many of the kids’ friends from high school, and their parents, and their children gathered to celebrate. The food was great, the company was fantastic, the weather was perfect. And I met an old high school chum – mother of one of the friends – we had a wonderful time catching up. The hosts have several ATVs, including one kid-size (it was amazing watching 4-year-olds handling that machine), which kids of every age enjoyed. This next pic is DD and fiance on one of them.

Sunday after lunch, DD, her future MIL, and I made a stop at Michael’s to choose a wedding album. It’s become my tradition to give the girls an album (2 previous DILs). DD was successful in selecting an album style, and pages and a few add-ons to make a wonderful memory album. As a fabric artist, MIL will be making a crazy quilt cover for the album to perfectly suit DD’s style.

After all that activity, Monday was a blessed relaxing day at home. I actually got some quilting done while DH made a shelf attachment for the bed-slide in the back of our pick-up truck.

 This is my version of the Scrappy Trips challenge from our Monday evening group. Backed with flannel, it’ll be a nice cuddle quilt for winter evenings.
 The shelf on the bed-slide just helps everything to be neat and tidy and accessible – we’re really ready to hit the road for our next trip now. Just have to get the labels on the boxes.

Monday evening we had friends in for dinner – a great time just being together.

I’m not sure where Tuesday and Wednesday went, but somehow I didn’t seem to get anything concrete accomplished and still never sat around. Thursday was house-cleaning – and the good news that I dropped another couple of pounds.

Friday I had an appointment in Vancouver, to meet with the trainer at a paramedical company with whom I’m contracting to do some insurance medicals. We had plans to do a couple of extra things while we were headed that way, so wanted to leave the house fairly early in the day.

Before we got out the door, the phone rang – Mom phoning to let me know Dad is in the hospital. This was a real shock, because my father doesn’t get sick. He’s rarely visited a doctor, only had one hospital stay in his life when he fell off a ladder and fractured a couple of discs (extremely fortunate to have avoided spinal cord damage), is still working at renovation jobs – at 81 years of age, I might add. At that time, Mom didn’t know exactly what was wrong, but the day before he’d had extreme abdominal pain, and agreed to having an ambulance called – that told me he was really not feeling well!! I promised to call back when we got home from Vancouver, and held him in my prayers through the day.

The day went well – I found a lovely dress (not for the wedding but just to have), we shopped at Bosa’s – an Italian market that is next door to heaven for DH who is the cook in this household, I got through my training session while DH spent the afternoon at a park with the dog.

Arriving home, there was a message from Mom – Dad had appendicitis, surgery to be done that afternoon. I called her back to hear that he was out of surgery, awake and already taking charge again. This, though, determined how I was going to spend Saturday: my parents live in Kelowna, about 3 hours drive away. DH was committed to helping a friend build his deck, and we didn’t want to delay because weather was good and DH’s brother was coming out from PoCo to help as well.

So, off I went early Saturday morning. Dad looked great when I got there, very little discomfort, and up and walking a bit, so I thought ‘oh, good, I can relax now’. Oh, and he’s fighting a bladder infection as well. After a short visit, I went out to their house, where DS1 joined us. We had a good lunch and a visit with Mom, who decided she’d just let the two of us go back for an afternoon visit and she’d go in the evening when traffic would be a little lighter (she doesn’t drive much anymore so it can be a bit tense for her). When DS1 and I got back to the hospital, Dad had developed a fever, and the doctor had decided not to feed him yet. He still looked pretty good, and we walked a bit, but his eyes were a bit shiny and he was a little unsteady on his feet. As active and vital as he’s always been, it’s hard to remember that age is not on his side in an instance like this. He’ll be a couple more days in hospital, just getting back to normal. I’ll phone this morning and see how the evening was for him.

So, that was the week. The coming week is a work-week - I’m doing vacation relief, day-time this go-round, so don’t plan to do much else. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reality check

Well, here it is Friday again, and I’m wondering, again, where the time goes.  Looking back at my goals for this week, and thinking about previous weeks and months, realizing that I rarely seem to be able to achieve the goals I set out for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be more realistic in setting those goals.

So – what did I accomplish this week?  Well, the anniversary quilt is bound and waiting for the appliques.  Because I haven’t received messages from all of the family yet, it’s been tucked away for me to look at when we return from our June holiday.

The scrappy Trips quilt, I actually did make progress on – no pictures to show you though.

As for the table runners and dog bed covers – well, that’s a whole other thing.  For the table runners (being made for a friend), I want to get some Retayne before I wash these fabrics.  This is a new product I just heard about at my Monday evening quilting group – meant to stop colors from running, and apparently works like a charm.  Because my friend chose some batiks for these projects, I really want to try this out.  So the plan is to do some shopping today.  The dog bed covers – just another of those things that I’m not apparently really ready to tackle yet.  I’ll get there!!

Besides quilting – it’s been an interesting week.  Saturday and Sunday I spent at a course in Surrey, learning to do phlebotomies (blood-letting for the non-medical people out there) in preparation for a possible job doing insurance medicals, where I’d need to take blood samples.  It was a great course, and I met some really interesting people.  It’s fascinating to learn why people decide to do the things they do.  One woman is an anesthesiologist (physician) from China, can’t practice in Canada, tried to get a job as an anesthetist’s assistant but needs to be an RN first, so is currently working as an LPN and Home Care Worker to try to support her family – this would be a 3rd job for her.  One woman has just completed her Master’s in genetic research, and needs to be able to take blood samples for the job she’s beginning next month. 

Tuesday I attended a team meeting for my Fraser Health job, where we completed a course in Conflict Resolution.  Now that’s interesting stuff.  All of the courses I’ve taken over the years that deal with communication, leadership, conflicts, etc, all talk about how to listen to people and how to speak to people to clearly understand them and clearly state your position.  The bottom line, I think: if the person I’m addressing would only take the courses and practice them, too, so that the conversations could follow the patterns set out in these courses, all would be fine in the real world out there.  Anyway, the course is finished, and we can all get back to doing our best to communicate and resolve conflicts somehow, someway, without totally destroying relationships in the process.

Yesterday the two friends with whom I meet regularly for Bible study and prayer, came for lunch.  We had a wonderful time together as usual combining a regular study and sharing time with a purely social gathering.  These two are such fantastic friends to me, supporting and encouraging, with no reservations and no judgments.  I pray that everybody has a few of these in their lives.

I did get out to buy the materials for a Christmas stocking – I plan to work on that while we’re out camping next month.  My dear sister created a pattern for me – and I won’t say anymore about it as it’s another surprise for somebody.

So as much as I plan and wish that I could do everything that I want, it seems that life comes along to keep things real.  Anyway on to the day, and the coming week.  Our truck needs to go in for servicing so it’s ready for our camping trip in a couple of weeks, and we’ll do some shopping while we’re in town today.  This evening DD and her fiance arrive, and the two families will all have dinner together, then tomorrow go wedding dress shopping.  Sunday we’ll have dinner with extended family before taking the kids back to the airport.  Monday, friends are coming for dinner.  Tuesday and Thursday evening will be work again.  Not sure when I’ll fit in any quilting, so maybe my goal for the week will simply be: just do as much as I can in between everything else.  I might just surprise myself and accomplish something.

Wishing everybody (in Canada) a wonderful long weekend, celebrating Victoria Day.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Time sure flies

Wow, can hardly believe it’s been over two weeks since I sat here last.  I took a look at my last post, and hadn’t set out any goals for myself, but let’s see if I can remember what’s been happening since then.
There was an ESS course on documentation – this is really fascinating stuff!!  The more I’m involved and the more I learn, the more I see the service that ESS provides for the community.  From single house fires/floods to major disasters like earthquakes or river floods, Emergency Social Services is there to help over that first few days to get people into a safe, warm environment, provide food, clothing and other essentials, lend emotional support so they can begin the recovery process.  I’m impressed with the organization and planning that’s gone into this from the federal and provincial levels to be able to make the local societies effective in their own communities.
Then last weekend we went out with our trailer and some friends with their trailers for a little R&R at Cache Creek.  The weather cooperated, and we were able to explore the area, and sit around a campfire, and share over ‘community’ meals, and just leave all the stresses and routines of home behind for a few days.  It was great!
We stopped at Hell’s Gate on our way up the Canyon – it never ceases to amaze me that fish used to make it through there before the ladders were built.
The only spanner in the works was that our furnace wasn’t working, and those mornings were cool!!  We’d had the trailer in for regular maintenance just before Easter weekend, and discovered the furnace not working then.  So we took it in after that trip, they removed the furnace, replaced the circuit board, reinstalled it and it appeared to be working before we took the trailer home again.  But – it quit again.  So, the trailer is back at the shop – we’ll see what they come up with this time.
Not much quilting has been done around here, but I’ve been picking away at the scrappy Trips quilt challenge from the Monday night group.  And a friend wants some table toppers for her living and dining rooms, so we went shopping – she was amazed at how long it took just to find fabrics.  The anniversary quilt has come back home from the quilter, waiting for binding and then the applique finish. 
So on to the next week.  Goals:  spend the weekend at a phlebotomy course, finish up the scrappy quilt and bind the anniversary quilt, start on the table toppers and some dog bed covers, get ready for DD and her fiance, and DS1 to be home for a visit on the long weekend.  That’s just about enough, I think.
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, and celebrate yourselves and your mothers.    God bless.