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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quilting – what’s that?

Well, as anticipated, a week at work meant not much else happening around here, especially in the quilting line.   My dad had a rough time getting over his appendectomy, and didn’t get home until Thursday – very weak, tired, no appetite – he’s going to be a while getting back to his usual self.  At least there were no other problems that cropped up in the middle of this.  We’re going back to Kelowna tomorrow to visit.  I think this was just about as hard on my mom, too – having to drive, being alone at home, trying to figure out what she can cook to persuade Dad to eat … 
The week at work went well, but with some challenges coming my way that I was unable to resolve, so had to pass them on to the next person. 
Quilting, well – not so much!!  I did get a start on the table runners for my friend over last weekend, and hopefully will make some progress early this week.  We leave for a 2-week trailer trip on Friday, so all will be put on hold while we’re away.
This picture is being added much after the fact - the table runners completed:

Yesterday, last day of work, anxious to get home and start the weekend, and wouldn’t you know there was an accident.  East of Chilliwack, happened at about 1 p.m., traffic at a dead stop about 5 km away at 5 p.m.  It took nearly 1/2 an hour to get the 2 km to the next exit to get off the freeway – and get stopped again.  On such a lovely day, with the weekend coming up, everybody was trying to skirt the accident and the 20 more minutes to home became more than an hour.  At least the news informed us that there were no critical injuries or deaths – praise the Lord.  The scary parts – the number of people, including a semi-driver, using the shoulder to bypass the freeway traffic, and the people who thought driving down the opposite lane on the side roads around corners was a good way to shorten their time.  One light moment – a little boy at the side of the road with a sign ‘washroom here’.
So – on to another Saturday, and getting a few things done around the house and yard.  And we’re bottling wine, too.  No goals for the week other than progressing with the table runners.  Have a great weekend enjoying the sunshine, and a blessed week ahead.


  1. Will think of you while you are gone. Enjoy and be safe. You're my first blog buddy you know.

  2. Love the first block of your table runner!