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Friday, May 15, 2009

Reality check

Well, here it is Friday again, and I’m wondering, again, where the time goes.  Looking back at my goals for this week, and thinking about previous weeks and months, realizing that I rarely seem to be able to achieve the goals I set out for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be more realistic in setting those goals.

So – what did I accomplish this week?  Well, the anniversary quilt is bound and waiting for the appliques.  Because I haven’t received messages from all of the family yet, it’s been tucked away for me to look at when we return from our June holiday.

The scrappy Trips quilt, I actually did make progress on – no pictures to show you though.

As for the table runners and dog bed covers – well, that’s a whole other thing.  For the table runners (being made for a friend), I want to get some Retayne before I wash these fabrics.  This is a new product I just heard about at my Monday evening quilting group – meant to stop colors from running, and apparently works like a charm.  Because my friend chose some batiks for these projects, I really want to try this out.  So the plan is to do some shopping today.  The dog bed covers – just another of those things that I’m not apparently really ready to tackle yet.  I’ll get there!!

Besides quilting – it’s been an interesting week.  Saturday and Sunday I spent at a course in Surrey, learning to do phlebotomies (blood-letting for the non-medical people out there) in preparation for a possible job doing insurance medicals, where I’d need to take blood samples.  It was a great course, and I met some really interesting people.  It’s fascinating to learn why people decide to do the things they do.  One woman is an anesthesiologist (physician) from China, can’t practice in Canada, tried to get a job as an anesthetist’s assistant but needs to be an RN first, so is currently working as an LPN and Home Care Worker to try to support her family – this would be a 3rd job for her.  One woman has just completed her Master’s in genetic research, and needs to be able to take blood samples for the job she’s beginning next month. 

Tuesday I attended a team meeting for my Fraser Health job, where we completed a course in Conflict Resolution.  Now that’s interesting stuff.  All of the courses I’ve taken over the years that deal with communication, leadership, conflicts, etc, all talk about how to listen to people and how to speak to people to clearly understand them and clearly state your position.  The bottom line, I think: if the person I’m addressing would only take the courses and practice them, too, so that the conversations could follow the patterns set out in these courses, all would be fine in the real world out there.  Anyway, the course is finished, and we can all get back to doing our best to communicate and resolve conflicts somehow, someway, without totally destroying relationships in the process.

Yesterday the two friends with whom I meet regularly for Bible study and prayer, came for lunch.  We had a wonderful time together as usual combining a regular study and sharing time with a purely social gathering.  These two are such fantastic friends to me, supporting and encouraging, with no reservations and no judgments.  I pray that everybody has a few of these in their lives.

I did get out to buy the materials for a Christmas stocking – I plan to work on that while we’re out camping next month.  My dear sister created a pattern for me – and I won’t say anymore about it as it’s another surprise for somebody.

So as much as I plan and wish that I could do everything that I want, it seems that life comes along to keep things real.  Anyway on to the day, and the coming week.  Our truck needs to go in for servicing so it’s ready for our camping trip in a couple of weeks, and we’ll do some shopping while we’re in town today.  This evening DD and her fiance arrive, and the two families will all have dinner together, then tomorrow go wedding dress shopping.  Sunday we’ll have dinner with extended family before taking the kids back to the airport.  Monday, friends are coming for dinner.  Tuesday and Thursday evening will be work again.  Not sure when I’ll fit in any quilting, so maybe my goal for the week will simply be: just do as much as I can in between everything else.  I might just surprise myself and accomplish something.

Wishing everybody (in Canada) a wonderful long weekend, celebrating Victoria Day.



  1. Because we had such a large family,at one time I did part time work for an insurance co. Collect urine, blood and vitals, etc.I would have to set up appointments, and most were after work hours, mine and theirs. Sometime I found myself far from home late in the evening and lost. The pay was very good, but It didn't last long. My family said "Whoa, Mom not good." Have a great week.\

  2. I will be thinking of you while you are "out there" be safe.

  3. I'm not surprised that you dont meet the targets....with your busy life I wonder how you fit it all in!
    How good to have such supportive friends.