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Friday, May 8, 2009

Time sure flies

Wow, can hardly believe it’s been over two weeks since I sat here last.  I took a look at my last post, and hadn’t set out any goals for myself, but let’s see if I can remember what’s been happening since then.
There was an ESS course on documentation – this is really fascinating stuff!!  The more I’m involved and the more I learn, the more I see the service that ESS provides for the community.  From single house fires/floods to major disasters like earthquakes or river floods, Emergency Social Services is there to help over that first few days to get people into a safe, warm environment, provide food, clothing and other essentials, lend emotional support so they can begin the recovery process.  I’m impressed with the organization and planning that’s gone into this from the federal and provincial levels to be able to make the local societies effective in their own communities.
Then last weekend we went out with our trailer and some friends with their trailers for a little R&R at Cache Creek.  The weather cooperated, and we were able to explore the area, and sit around a campfire, and share over ‘community’ meals, and just leave all the stresses and routines of home behind for a few days.  It was great!
We stopped at Hell’s Gate on our way up the Canyon – it never ceases to amaze me that fish used to make it through there before the ladders were built.
The only spanner in the works was that our furnace wasn’t working, and those mornings were cool!!  We’d had the trailer in for regular maintenance just before Easter weekend, and discovered the furnace not working then.  So we took it in after that trip, they removed the furnace, replaced the circuit board, reinstalled it and it appeared to be working before we took the trailer home again.  But – it quit again.  So, the trailer is back at the shop – we’ll see what they come up with this time.
Not much quilting has been done around here, but I’ve been picking away at the scrappy Trips quilt challenge from the Monday night group.  And a friend wants some table toppers for her living and dining rooms, so we went shopping – she was amazed at how long it took just to find fabrics.  The anniversary quilt has come back home from the quilter, waiting for binding and then the applique finish. 
So on to the next week.  Goals:  spend the weekend at a phlebotomy course, finish up the scrappy quilt and bind the anniversary quilt, start on the table toppers and some dog bed covers, get ready for DD and her fiance, and DS1 to be home for a visit on the long weekend.  That’s just about enough, I think.
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, and celebrate yourselves and your mothers.    God bless.

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  1. Missed you Peg, but have I been busy.Visiting all the lovely blogs I have found as a result of my first connection, who I think was you. I had been involved in Red Cross disaster training a few years back. Only one time in our town did I have to organize a shelter following a flood. I am so happy with this blogging thing.