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Friday, July 24, 2009


Well, here we are at Friday again.  I’ve been seeing blogger friends comment on milestones in blogging (100, 300) and wonder if I’ll ever make a mile stone.  Then I noticed – 47 blogs since last November, that’s more than one a week which was my goal when I started.  There’s that word again – I guess I really am a goal-oriented person.
I follow several bloggers, and see some who blog every day, and I wonder (as some of them have commented) where they find the topics, the words, the time.  I find each blog takes me easily an hour, and I don’t think I could do it!   But then, if I blogged daily, they’d be shorter, and maybe a little easier to read?!?
Anyway, unless and until my life changes and settles a little more, I’ll keep on with the weekly pattern and maybe an occasional extra thrown in when the mood hits – the milestones will come when they come.
The early part of the week, I made a little headway on the table runners for my friend, then ran out of backing fabric, which I rectified fairly quickly, then got going again and ran out of spray glue, got some of that and finished layering the runners, started on actually quilting and don’t you know it – ran out of thread.  So yesterday I got some more thread, but didn’t get to do any quilting today. 
And the anniversary quilt is another step closer to being finished – signatures transferred to fabric, shapes cut out, ironed on and waiting for the final applique stitching to be done.  My sisters and niece and I did some more planning for the reunion in August, and invitations were mailed today to our parents’ siblings and their families in case any of them wish to join us for their milestone celebration (my parents will be married 60 years next month!)
In between, DH and I lifted the patio stones, and poured and leveled sand and reset the stones – hopefully the low spots have been raised and we won’t have sitting water any more.
This afternoon DH and I did a little geocaching, and had some successes.  This is really looking like the perfect couple hobby for us!
The insurance medical requests are certainly keeping me busy – can hardly believe how much work there is.
After dinner, I got my weekly fix of Southern gospel music, watching the Bill Gaither Hour.   This is a wonderful hour of praise and rejoicing, with fabulous musicians and singers.  Tonight’s show featured Mark Lowry on Broadway, honoring the Lord with his music and his humor.  The songs touched my heart and reminded me of the love of my Father, the sacrifice of my Lord for me, the gracious mercy He shows me everyday
Tomorrow we celebrate a milestone for DH’s brother and his wife.  This is the year they turn 50, and we’re throwing a joint party for them, approximately half-way between their birthdays. 
So in between trying to reach milestones, and preparing to celebrate milestones, life goes on and daily little achievements are milestones in themselves.

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  1. Hello Peg, good to hear from you. If I did all the things you actually do in your life, I would not have time or need to blog daily. I am living a more simpler life these days than before. HH does not want to go out much so we have family in and just enjoy our little nest. Yes you will be surprised at the medical exams that will come your way. You and your DH are so fortunate to have a couple hobby. Ours is just watching the birds right now. Blessings