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Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Road Again

Good morning all - a quick note before we head out this morning, this time to Kamloops for Highland Games. This will be a much smaller competition and more relaxing day than our day at Coquitlam 2 weeks ago.

There's some curiosity out there about how my first insurance medical visit went, so I'll fill you in. After making the appointment, I clarified a few things with the head office to be sure I really did know what I was doing. We discovered that I didn't have the correct waybills for the lab company, but that got straightened out. So Saturday morning I loaded up paperwork, lab kits, extra paperwork, extra lab kits, scale, gloves, hand cleanses, tape measure, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and anything else I could think of that I needed to be sure I could do this job. Needless to say I was a little nervous - my course had been 2 months before, and I wondered if I was really ready for this. This first appointment was with a couple, required only lab work and vital statistics. So, got everything all laid out, got paperwork signed and out of the way, wrapped the tourniquet around the woman's arm, took a deep breath and poked!! No blood!! Well, I moved the needle around a bit, in and out, up and down, sideways - still no blood. Okay then - let's try the other arm. She said the lab regularly has difficulty getting blood out of her. Wouldn't you know it!! The second arm was no different. So, instructions given that the office would arrange a lab visit for her. On to try again on the man. His blood spurted out so easy - what a relief!!! The vials were filled, he produced his urine specimen, I gave him a big hug as I measured him, repeated the measurements and hugging on his wife, and I was out the door. All in all, not a bad experience. So I think I'm ready for the next one - if only the man would answer his phone.

That was last Saturday. During the rest of the week, I've made headway with my table runner project, and got ready to do the appliques on the anniversary quilt. We got our GPS updated, so we can do more treasure hunts (see my other blog for those adventures), and I had a quilting day with friends - secret project that I'll fill you in on when the recipient gets it. Basically a relaxing week that I thoroughly enjoyed.

So we'll be leaving in an hour or so, and I'll do my best to get lots of pics to share with you next week. God bless you all. Peg

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