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A Pieceful Life


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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Week of Challenges

Well, here we are at the end of another week, and it’s been a full one.
We started last Friday heading out to Kamloops for Highland Games.  We took the long way around and stopped at Kelowna at a GPS store to get a windshield mount and new cord for our Garmin geocaching GPS.  We used our Magellan GPS, bought to help us find new places before we started geocaching, to try to find the store.  After crawling past an accident scene, at the end of the directions, we were told to turn right, and ended up going around in circles for a few minutes before we discovered we should have turned left!!  The 1st challenge of the week.
After leaving the GPS store, we set the Magellan for the hotel in Kamloops, opting for ‘shortest distance’.  Well, just a few kilometres north of Kelowna, we were directed to turn off the highway.  We kind of wondered, but followed the directions.  We ended up seeing some new countryside, and going through the back streets of Vernon, before getting back onto highway again.  2nd challenge of the week.

Arriving safely at the hotel, we got settled, phoned DS1 who was staying at a different hotel, and went out to find some glasses for me – I’d forgotten my reading glasses at home.  Coincidentally, I found a pair of shoes that I think will be perfect to wear on the beach at DD’s wedding – ballet flats, in glittery gold and silver fabric, with silver trim – cheap and perfect to keep the sand out of my toes during the ceremony.  I will still need to find shoes for the evening, but there’s time (I think, unless it keeps on going as fast as it has been lately).
For dinner, we’d been invited to my sister’s to say farewell to my brother-in-law, who has accepted a job out of town for the next year.  We had a great visit and met a great-niece for the first time.  She’s a real cutie, almost a year old, and keeping the family entertained and on their toes!! 
Saturday morning, up bright and early, met DS and a friend for breakfast, and then out on the field for the day.   We sold out of our T-shirts:

As always, it was fun, but also challenging (3rd of the week) – I spent the day under the tent, entering scores into the computer program, and tracking athlete standings so that we could award their prizes at the end of the day.  When all was tidied up, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Greek restaurant, and then crashed back at the hotel.  It’s amazing how tiring a day in the outdoors can be!!

The next morning, we found ourselves wide awake at 4:30, so decided to get on the road to home – no GPS needed.  Leaving before 5:30, we delayed breakfast until we reached Merritt, and arrived home by 8:00.  We had a whole morning to do whatever we wanted – so we decided to do some geocaching.

DS1 and his friend, Greg,  arrived mid afternoon, shortly before I headed out to work.  At least I got home early enough to get in a good visit before bed.  Greg headed home to Seattle early the next morning.  But we had DS1 around for a few days.

Monday and Tuesday, I made headway on quilting projects,  challenges 5 and 6, but nothing finished enough to show you yet.

Wednesday – moving day for DS2 and his wife.  Challenge # 7.  Aren’t moving days always a challenge?   Trying to fit everything into every small space in every vehicle you own.  Deciding what can go to the local thrift store, and what absolutely must be kept, even if there’s not enough room for it.  Moving sofas and beds and tables and dressers and desks down elevators, down stairs, around corners, and through skinny doors. 

Doing your best not to damage furniture, break the fragile, punch holes in walls, or take out door trim.  We managed with minimal damage, got in some visiting over a picnic lunch, and had emptied as many boxes as possible by 3:00.

Thursday, house cleaning day.  DS1 left for home (Calgary) and DH went out to work, and I got the house to myself.  And here we are at the end of the week.  It’s been a great one, with a lot accomplished, and some great times with friends and family.  Challenges – and blessings.  Isn’t that what life is all about?
Wishing you challenges and blessings in your lives.     Peg


  1. That was a wonderful picture story. You sure have more energy than I do. To go all day, get up early and get home and go to work. I love hearing your stories.

  2. Peg, wonderful journey, I felt I was there with you.
    Did you see my giveaway on 12th July, for stitchers? I'm drawing it on Monday 19th.

  3. I love the t-shirt! (Was G wearing my kilt hose in that one picture?)