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Monday, August 31, 2009

Anniversary Reunion

Well, it was a fabulous weekend – the whole family together to celebrate my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.
We headed to Kelowna area to stay at LaCasa Lakeside Cottages Resort overlooking beautiful Okanagan Lake.

We had several cabins, and as family arrived we gradually gathered on the deck of the cabin where the guests of honor stayed.

Saturday was trips to the beach, and lots of posing for pictures. With great grandchildren ranging in age from 2 months to 8 years, it wasn’t easy to get this:

Grandchildren and children were much more cooperative:

The guests of honor were getting tired of pictures, but we eventually got lots of them – this one is at the dock just before boarding for the dinner cruise:

The dinner cruise was so much fun!  With cousins that joined us for dinner, there was 42 in all.
Granddaughter Alison presented a wonderful slide show. I wish I could share it here – lots of laughs as we saw ourselves in younger days, lots of ‘awww’ moments as we saw wedding and baby pictures, lots of tears at the special memories.
Letters from the District of Houston (BC – where my parents lived for many years), and the MLA from the Houston area, and the Prime Minister, and the Governor General arrived in time. Letters from the Premier and the Queen are on their way.

A memory album was started – to be finished next week

And the Family Tree in Fabric was presented

Cake was enjoyed by all

Much tribute to every member of the family for entering enthusiastically into the spirit of the celebration. Daughter Toni started the idea and organized the letters from the government officials; Daughter Marie and Daughter-in-law Maureen collaborated in organizing the memory album; Son and Daughter-in-law Jim and Lynn ordered the cake and made sure the guests of honor got to the resort and settled into their cabin. Everybody shared in making the weekend fabulous by keeping in touch with Alison through the year, by sending in their photos for the slide show, by sending me their messages and signatures for the quilt, by planning to have the time to be together for the weekend.

Granddaughter Alison  is the one who really got the ball rolling. When she complained to her mom that she was bored, Toni said 'well, here's a project for you' and Alison took this all on. She found the resort and cruise boat, organized us all, collected monies, paid monies out, made sure we all had directions and information, put together the slide show, agonized through rumors of the cruise boat company shutting down, and kept in touch with the resort when fire threatened and they were evacuated. Without her energy and enthusiasm and organizational skills, none of this would have happened - words can't express our thanks for all of this work.
Lots of sacrifices were made, and I just want to thank the whole family for everything that was done to make this weekend so very memorable for our parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents, aunt and uncle.


  1. It is surely a benchmark in all of your lives. I know it took a lot of planning. The quilt is priceless. I am assuming you did it. Both your parents look good and appeared very happy in the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You will all have such wonderful memories of a very happy family day.

  3. Wonderful anniversary reunion and the quilt is beautiful.