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A Pieceful Life


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Sunday, August 16, 2009

From quilting to playing in the mud to ...

Well my Saturday turned out to be not quite what I thought it would be when it started. I did get started on finishing up the dog bed covers (started on finishing - interesting play on words there). Anyway, when DH finished watching soccer, we decided to go outside and reset the paving stones in a short walk-way that we have. They were starting to sink and needed some new sand/gravel underneath to make them level again - and DH decided to frame them all with 2x4s. So out we went. Well, there I was, on my hands and knees moving landscape rock, cutting out landscape fabric, my fingernails filled with dirt despite gloves, reminiscing about the days as a child when we made mud pies.

After that was done, we decided to go into town to get tickets to the RCMP Musical Ride later this week, bought a purse, stopped at the lumber store to get a little more landscape rock and some sand for our next yard project,

Then home to take care of the pets, and .... get ready for an elegant dinner at the hotel in Harrison Hot Springs. Friends had called early in the day and offered to treat us, wanting to dress up and make it a special event. So we donned our glad rags, got all spiffed up, and headed out for a wonderful evening. It was beautiful - a window overlooking Harrison Lake watching dusk give way to full night, fabulous company, laughs and sharing, service just like we get in a cruise ship dining room, glorious food, total relaxation. To look at us you'd never know we started the day grubbing around in the garden and doing mundane, everyday errands - it was like a mini-holiday in the middle of normal life, just tucked in there to create a special memory.

And this morning the dog bed covers did get finished completely. So full circle from one morning to the next. Hope you all have had a great weekend, too. Peg


  1. Reading this and your previous post makes me realize just how little I do in a day!
    Your quilting is marvellous, I do enjoy seeing photos.

  2. Oh, how wonderful a day that sounds. I love working in the yard and then getting to spruce up and go out for the evening with that special guy. So enjoy reading your posts. Good for you on the projects. I am trying to get back into the swing. Hard to focus with an ill child on your mind.
    Thanks for your kind comments.