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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, August 15, 2009


A week of progress in some ways, regress in others.  On Monday, after we did some errands, and DH made sure I was stocked up on dog and cat food (so I don’t have to carry those heavy bags), he left once again for Kelowna to help with the reno project on my parent’s park model trailer.  On Wednesday, I phoned partly to see how things were going, and partly to ask another question of my parents.  Almost the first words from my mother were that they have to move!!  I was in total shock, and everything else flew out of my mind, so I had to call back later to ask the other question.  It turns out, the powers-that-be in the park-where-they-live decided that they had issued the building permit in error, and all work was to cease on the trailer, and they have 2 years to move the trailer out of the park.  This is the short – very short – version of what happened there.  Interestingly, neither parent seems upset at the idea – on the contrary they seem relieved and even excited.  But right now they have no idea where they’re going to land.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.  But the roof is on and shingled, and Dad is allowed to finish closing in the soffets to make it secure from birds and animals.  So DH was home much earlier than expected.
But while they were experiencing this regression, I was at home experiencing progression.  Monday evening, progress was made on a very special quilt that friends and I are making.  We’ve made several attempts to get started, and have had to reschedule several times, so are really excited to finally get underway.  The reason for the quilt is still a surprise, but here’s a pic of the block that I made – 11 more for me to make before our next bee:

Over the course of the week, I made progress on dog bed covers.  These are to offer to my niece for possible sale in her pet shop.  I got 5 tops done, and hope to get zippers and bottoms done today.

These are put together mostly from bits and pieces that I had or picked up on the cheap at various places.  The back (bottom) fabrics are micro-fibre that I found at 1/2 price, so if my niece decides they’re not what she’s looking for, I haven’t broken the bank with this experiment.
Wednesday I took a day out and went shopping with my wonderful daughter-in-law.  The main aim of the day was to find some shoes to wear with a couple of summer dresses that I have and want to wear at our upcoming family reunion, and then later in the year when we attend our DD’s wedding in Dominican Republic.  Well progress was made there as well – not only were shoes found, but a pair of pants to go with another top that I have, and a whole bunch of beauty care products.  I am so woefully ignorant of how to use make-up, and wanted to find something to artificially tan before we go on the trip to the Caribbean, and ended up with lessons in exfoliating, and bronzing, and eye make-up – you name it.  So hopefully I’m pretty well set in that department.
No hospital work this week, but lots of activity in the insurance medical department.  And – the paychecks have started rolling in.  I’m quite enjoying this new job, except for the time I have to spend on the road getting to the clients.  Interestingly, I was told when I signed the contract that there wouldn’t be much work because  other health professionals had been hired in Chilliwack – but something must have happened, because I saw 16 clients in July, only 4 of them here in Agassiz, and that was with 2 weeks off.  In the last week I’ve seen 4 clients and have appointments with 9 more coming up.   Maybe it’s just a summer blip because of vacations, but I sure feel busy right now.
Yesterday evening DH and I had a movie-date.  We went to see Julie and Julia – what a delight.  Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses, and she did an excellent job in portraying Julia Child – seemed to get her mannerisms to perfection, at least what I remember from the few shows I may have seen years ago.  If you haven’t seen this movie, I’d encourage you to try to see it – whether on the big screen, or later on DVD. 
Oh, and the anniversary quilt is just about done – another 3-4 hours of applique and it’s ready to go.  The reunion plans are pretty well set, the resort has apparently reopened after being closed due to fire threat, dinner orders have been placed, and travel plans finalized for those that are coming from a distance.  Only 2 weeks to go!!

So, everybody wishing you progress in your lives – and Peggy especially thinking of you and your daughter and praying for progress in her recovery.  God bless.                    Peg

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