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Thursday, August 27, 2009

To My Parents

Today marks my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  The family is all coming together on the weekend to celebrate – a resort near Kelowna, a dinner cruise on Okanagan Lake, a slide show of pictures through the years, laughs, meals, cuddling all the new great-grandchildren, meeting new family members added in the last few years, letters from Prime Minister, Governor General and Queen, memories …
I’m really looking forward to this, but want to take a few moments to honor my parents.

Sixty years ago they pledged to honor and cherish, and have held to each other for all of these years.  Through gain and loss, good and bad, triumphs and tragedies, moves, changes, all the phases of married and family life, they’ve worked and loved and laughed and cried together.  Always hard workers, they still haven’t stopped (see the blog about fixing their roof).  Their examples of love and loyalty and persistence are ingrained in all of their children.

They have six children, fifteen grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, six children-in-law, five grand-children-in-law – of these 40 people, 36 are able to gather for this reunion celebration weekend, plus a couple of cousins coming along as well.  We’ve been asked to bring memories, lessons  learned from Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa – and the first one that came to my mind is hospitality.  I remember the parties for staff members, dinners for family and friends, coffee always on for neighbors dropping in, cards around the table many evenings.  Mom was always baking and cooking to be prepared to have enough for whoever might be there – and ‘enough’ apparently meant too much, but certainly nobody ever left the table hungry.  Dad was ever the gracious host, trying to make sure that everybody was comfortable and didn’t have an empty glass.  I often aspire to have such a hospitable home, but fall ever short of their high standards.
Today I think of all the sacrifices they made to give their family the best life possible, and am thankful for them, for the parents (and parenting example) they have been, for the love they hold for everybody in their lives, for their generosity of spirit and worldly goods, for being my Mom and Dad – and for teaching me to dance!!

I love you Mom and Dad.  Happy 60th Anniversary.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your parents. That is going to be a humdinger of a get together. They have the same number of children we have, but more grands. One of my daughters told me one day, when I had the whines and had expressed that no one needs us anymore, she said mom, "I need you to teach me to be a grandmother. The boys need dad to teach them how to grandfathers. You have taught all of us girls how to be moms and dad taught the boys how to dads, now one day I will be a grandmother and the boys will be granddads. We need you more than ever." That brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I feel that couples like your parents give us all hope.
    Blessings. We will have out 50th next April.