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Monday, August 3, 2009


Is it hot out there or what?  This has been an amazing streak of hot weather.  And the fires in Kelowna are raging again.  Apparently there are fires everywhere in BC, and most of them out of control.  My brother the fireman, and his wife, the head of tourism in their town, have heard that the resort near Kelowna where we plan to have our reunion to celebrate our parents’ 60th anniversary, has been evacuated, and closed.  The fire is that close to the resort, and to Okanagan Lake.  The firefighters apparently report that that particular fire is only about 30% contained.  So we’re a little nervous about what may come of our reunion plans.
We all got a little reprieve from the heat about 10 days ago with rainstorms one Saturday night.  The following day my mother called for help!!  They’d started planning to replace their roof, so Dad had built trusses and was waiting for some cooler weather to actually pull the old roof off and put up the new one.  The rain – well it found a weak spot in their roof, right over their bed.  So off to Kelowna we went to help get the roof on.  Mornings and evenings were the only times to work, and that with lots of breaks to try to rehydrate and cool down a bit.  By Saturday the main roof was on to the tar paper stage – shingling and placing vent pipes and skylights is the order for this week.  Once that’s done, the roof on the addition can be started.  Here’s a picture of the guys working on the roof:

I’m home right now, left DH behind to continue the job.  The reason I’m home?   To work for the week.  On Monday last week, I got a call that a co-worker had been admitted to ICU, apparently with heart problems, and asking if I could possibly fill in for the week.  Well, we’d just finished making arrangements to go to Kelowna as quickly as possible so had to decline.  They then asked if I could commit to this week, if T still needed to be off.  I had to work Sunday evening anyway, so made the commitment to do just that.  DH will be home Thursday, so we can do our annual camping weekend with his family, then will head back up to Kelowna the following Monday.  DS1 will be down from NWT later this week, and will also head to Kelowna on Friday.  After the roofs are finished, the canopy you see on the left side of the trailer needs to be removed so new insulation and siding can be put on.  Once the heavy work is done, Dad thinks he can get the rest done, and we’re all in agreement.  My brothers will be in Kelowna later in August, early September, so they’ll help out as well. 
Dad, at 82, is a very fit man with – usually – a lot of energy.  But he had his appendix out in May, and lost 20 lb (with nothing to spare to begin with), that he hasn’t recovered.  He also has a very poor appetite still, and the heat is really wearing him down.  3-4 hours in the morning was all they were able to handle the first couple of days we were there.  After that they pushed through into the afternoon, but found they needed to stop every 1/2 hour to rehydrate and cool down a bit.   This makes the job go much slower than normal.
While we were there, I got a chance to just spend time with Mom, something that happens very rarely these days.  She started out the week with a summer cold, and a flare-up of gout that really slowed her down.  Once we got some medications into her, she picked up and by the time we pulled in for breakfast, she’d had her morning walk, put laundry in, vacuumed, washed floors, did dishes, balanced her checkbook, whatever she could think of to do.   Obviously she normally has a lot of energy as well.
I also had some relaxing time and got a couple of things finished.  The biggest – the table runners!!!  They’re done at last.  I was beginning to think I’d never see the end of them.  But here they are:

 Four of them in varying sizes to fit my friends’ tables in her living and dining room.  She chose some wonderful fabrics, didn’t she?
So that was my week.  Hope you all out there are having a wonderful summer, and finding ways to stay cool!

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