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Friday, September 18, 2009

New Things

It’s been a busy, busy week.  At long last time and weather coincided to allow us to get some yard work done.  While I worked in the back cleaning up flower beds, removing and moving plants and generally getting things ready for fall, DH worked in the front, putting new edging around the flower bed.

My Monday night quilting group started meeting again – it was so much fun to catch up on our summers.  N had a reunion with some on-line quilting buddies, and a family reunion, and a cruise.  L1 had a trip to Idaho and her dad’s 90th birthday.  L2 spent most of her summer entertaining family and friends at their cabin.  G got the opportunity to work at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and hob-nob with the stars.  Not everybody was there, so there’ll be more catching up going on I’m sure.  Of course quilting had been happening, so show and tell had us oohing and aahing over those accomplishments.

I also got back to Weight Watchers, and am thankful that I’ve basically maintained my weight for the summer, despite camping and parties and ice cream and no gym….  So after next week, back to regular exercise, and maybe these last few pounds can disappear before DD’s wedding!!

Quilt projects have been progressing, but not yet ready to show them to you.  I did finish up alittle purse for a dear lady who gave us a room when we were in Kelowna helping out my parents. It’s crocheted from some very ‘nubbly’ yarn, fully lined with a zipper closure.  She saw one I’d made for myself, and wanted one to take on their trip south this winter.  Handy for taking along to dinner when you don’t want to carry a whole purse, just a key and a tissue.  I hope she’ll enjoy it.

Over the summer, we’ve missed all of the ESS meetings, so got together with the coordinator and got some assignments – working on some training opportunities and getting some venues aboard in the event that we need to open a reception center for a disaster.  We did manage to get started on some of that this week.  But I had to miss the Friends of the Library Book Sale -  hopefully things will settle and I’ll get back to them more over the winter.

The dog needed dental work, so she spent a day at the vet’s.

And I had a couple of insurance medicals to squeeze in.

So today will be a day to relax – tomorrow we need to get the trailer loaded before we go to a meeting and dinner – Sunday off again for a week of camping.  
Have a blessed week everyone.               Peg

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  1. Sounds like a busy summer to me. The yards looks great. That is always a good feeling to be able to sit back and know things are caught up. Have a good weekend.