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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, we’re ready to reveal – at least one of them.  I don’t actually like keeping secrets, but this one was to be a surprise for our brother/sister who have become our closest friends and camping buddies.  Below is a picture of our most recent purchase:

 Yes, it’s a new trailer, this one with a slide to give us a little more walking around room and eliminate tripping over the dog.  
Gotta love the counter space – up to now all my cooking has happened on the table – this is heaven.  We brought it home on Aug 27, just before we left for the family reunion, then left for our trip to Calgary on Sept 1 and had 10 days to enjoy the space and get adjusted to where we hid everything when we packed it up.  And we really did enjoy the space.  Since we got home on Thursday, DH has put in a couple of shelves to meet my obsessive need to organize, and we’re almost ready to leave again next Sunday for a week with the afore-mentioned best friends, P & S. 
The reveal:  well, P & S came out on Saturday to do some work on their trailer (which is parked beside ours in the RV parking in our strata complex), and we had wanted to surprise them.  Well, surprise them we did!!  I wish I could have got a picture, but that didn’t work out.  Our trailers are almost exact duplicates now, and can both fit all four of us and our dogs with relative comfort for a meal or a game of cards (when we can’t be outdoors). 
So that secret is out.  The others – well, they’ll have to wait until the time is right.
In the meantime – we had a wonderful trip to Calgary.  We stopped first night in Kamloops, and delivered a CD of pictures from the family reunion to my sister so she and a SIL could finish up the memory album for our parents.  Then we went on to Golden for a night, and the opportunity to see first-hand the timber-built covered bridge.
Built in 2001, with a limited budget and mostly volunteer labor, this bridge was meant to commemorate the lumber industry in BC.  We saw a documentary on TV a few weeks ago, and were intrigued.  I love the romance of covered bridges and will always take time to visit  one whenever we see a sign – got lots of pictures from New Brunswick when we were there a few years ago.  This is the first ‘new’ bridge that we’ve seen, all others dating back to horse and buggy days.  Some of the labor for this bridge included ‘journeymen’ from Europe – apparently in those countries, when a craftsperson completes apprenticeship, they are required to ‘journey’ for 4 years plying their craft in other countries before they can establish themselves as a tradesman.  This was a fascinating tid-bit of information we got from the documentary.

From Golden we proceeded to Calgary, and settled in for several days.  Friday DH spent the day with DS1 on the Heavy Events field getting set up for the competition on Saturday.  DD and her partner took the dog for the day, and Saturday DH and I were out on the field once more judging and scorekeeping for the 1st Canadian Masters’ Championship.  DS1 also judged (the Open class) as he retired from competing this year.

Sunday in Calgary was spent shopping with DD for the FOB outfit for DH.  We headed to an outlet mall, huge, and walked for hours from store to store to store.  We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop, and DH found a pair of sandals at a good price, that will be perfect to wear on the beach when he gives our DD away (I think I told you all that the wedding is in November in Dominican Republic?!?).  Well, the last store in the mall was Winners – and don’t you know we found the perfect shirt and pants – a slightly lighter color shirt than the ones the groomsmen will be wearing.

The plan apparently is to roll up pant cuffs and sleeves, no tie, shirt tail out for a very casual look.  Whew – one more hurdle jumped.  We also did some more planning – ceremony and details – so it was a profitable day.

Monday we spent with DS1 at his house.  Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures, but he’s done some yard work in the front, removing grass and replacing it with bark mulch because he’s not around much to take care of a lawn.  In the spring he plans to add a few shrubs/flowers to dress it up a bit.  In the back, he’s moved his fencing to create a parking space – that incidentally is large enough for us to park our trailer next time we head that way with it.
Tuesday we headed toward home, spent two nights at Revelstoke just relaxing.  We had hoped to do a little geocaching, but it rained all day Wednesday, so we mostly just lazed around.  We did watch the movie Marley and Me (DD’s fiance had downloaded a couple of movies onto our computer) – excellent film that I would recommend to anybody.
Thursday, as I said earlier, we arrived home.  I worked on Friday, then on Saturday S & I went to a local quilt show.  I know this blog was meant to be mostly about quilting, and believe me quilting is still happening (not quite as much as pre-summer), but the projects right now are more of those secrets that can’t be revealed just yet.  The quilt show was at Tanglebank Nursery in Abbotsford – a first showing for several local quilters/designers, as well as the launch for the new Canadian quilting magazine Quilter’s Connections.  Believe me, I got a subscription.  It’s really exciting to see somebody start a Canadian business, and I for one am really looking forward to seeing how this magazine promotes Canadian quilters.  Anyone wanting to take a peek see the web-site. 
Well, this was a long blog – but it’s been a couple of weeks and lots has happened.  I’ve also been sorely remiss in keeping up with all my blogger friends and their doings – well actually I do look at the updates regularly, but just haven’t had time to read them properly or respond/comment.  My plan is to take some time this week and do just that – looking forward to touching bases with you all again. 

Happy end-of-summer days to everybody.              Peg


  1. So happy you are having a good time and enjoying yourselves. Looks like a great trailer. I spent this weekend at "Rehab", that's what I call my brother's lake side home. You will post more when winter sets in . Blessings

  2. Peg, I challenge you to do a Truth or Not post. You had done a lot of things and it is fun. I know you like fun and it will give us all fun. Thanks for your comment. Make 5 statements about yourself and one is not true. That is easy to do.