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A Pieceful Life


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I received a challenge this morning – don’t very often respond to these, but this one didn’t tax my brain too much and thought it was interesting.  I’m passing it on to all of you out there – here’s an opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

1) 6 Names you go by.







2) 3 things I am wearing right now.




3) 3 Things I want very badly at the moment.

A new bed

Breakfast (it’s coming)

Not to have to go to walking class.

4)3 things you did last night/yesterday.

Picked up quilt blocks to paint

Insulated all the plugs and switches on the outside walls

Joined my friends for an evening of stitching and sharing

5)2 things you ate yesterday.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich

Homemade split pea soup

6)2 people you last talked to on the phone

DD – on Skype actually


7) 2 things to do tomorrow (today for me now)

Work crossword puzzle in morning paper

Sew a sundress for the wedding trip

8) 3 favorite beverages.



Cranberry juice

So there it is – are you interested in letting me (and others) in on a little bit of yourself?  Take up the challenge – post on your blog, and send me a comment so I can take a peak, too.

Have a wonderful day everyone.                     Peg

Friday, October 16, 2009

Arrival of Autumn

Well, if fall cleaning didn’t signify the arrival of autumn, the weather has done it for us.  The brilliant sunshine we’ve had for months, has succumbed to the inevitable onslaught of wind and rain.  Admittedly not as much wind and rain as the weatherman forecast, and we did have a couple of hours of sunshine yesterday afternoon (so took the opportunity to walk the dog), but still it is definitely looking more and more like autumn outside.

Unfortunately, in all the busyness of Thanksgiving day, we all forgot about taking pictures.  But we had a wonderful time, a full house, and full tummies as everybody rolled out the door.

The week since then has been quiet – with a clean house, what is a person supposed to do to fill the time!?!  Right now, no quilting projects to keep me busy (well, one, but that’s a joint project, and so only done when we can meet – and it’s one of those secrets).

Emergency Social Services has given DH and I a project – signing up facilities for Reception Centers and Group Lodging in the event of an emergency.  Some progress was made on that, but we’re at a stall right now waiting for some answers to questions before we actually approach people (need to be prepared for their questions).  In the meantime, we went over to the ESS House – it actually is a house that the district purchased for ESS to meet and plan and train and store all their stuff, and it’s a lot of stuff – to do some fall cleaning there.  A couple of hours got the office into some kind of shape, at least desk and counter tops are visible again.  We’ll go back and tackle some of the storage areas next week. 

I had a dream last night that we were at ESS House with the ESS director and the district Emergency Services Coordinator.  In my dream, the white board that we had just hung up had been torn off the wall, and a part of it broken off, and somebody had duct-taped the rest of it back onto the wall, erased the information on it and covered it with gobbledy-gook.  We discovered this as we came down from the office after having admired the tidiness there.  Then we found that the storage bins (full of supplies to respond to an emergency) around the meeting area, and the Level 1 Response bags were all gone!!!  There was somebody there running a day-care and little children were running in and out, while the care-giver was on the phone.   The coordinator had been busy taking garbage out, but when we turned to ask him where everything had gone, he’d disappeared.  It was an amazingly disturbing dream – actually a bit of a nightmare as I could just imagine the stress we’d experience if any of that kind of thing really did happen.  Really do have to get that alarm system fixed!!!

So today – will stay indoors again, enjoying the fireplaces while it rains outside.  Maybe we’ll tackle the basement and see if we can make some sense of all the boxes and things down there.
Tomorrow, I get to go to a Creative Expo and get some inspiration for more projects, and hopefully find some quilting bargains, and enjoy time with my dear sister-in-law.
God bless you all.                              Peg

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A great week

Well, I set out to do fall cleaning this week, and it’s done – it’s really done.  All the cupboards and closets are tidy, all the corners are clean, all the windows are sparkling, all the junk is on its way to finding a new home via the thrift store.  I love a clean house.  The outdoors even got a going-over, and the patio tables and chairs are put away.  Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner is done, and as much prep as can be done is done – so bring on the family, and extended family, and in-laws, and shirt-tail relatives.  I’M READY!!  It’s a wonderful feeling.
But I’m finding it hard to relax now – somehow I got wound up and my spring is still really tight.  I find myself wandering around wondering what else needs to be done, or what I can do next.  Need to work on getting into a more relaxed mode, and sit down and do some hand-work.
This week was also the beginning again of the walking class at the local fitness center – it’s good to get back into some regular exercise.  And my Monday night quilting group is back together, and my Thursday night Bible study is getting started, and volunteer groups are getting going again – you sure can tell fall has arrived. 
And thinking of fall – when I was outside this morning, that wind had quite a bite to it.  When I came in and hit the shower, my toes tingled as the feeling came back.  Leaves are starting to fall, and the days are getting shorter.   The sun made its appearance for just a couple of hours and now it’s hidden again.  We’ve had brilliant fall here in the Fraser Valley, and I for one am enjoying the fact that it’s not started to rain yet.
DH has been away – in Calgary doing some hunting with DS1.  I got this picture yesterday:

 1 Canada goose, 1 snow goose, 7 mallards was apparently the shoot of the day.  They’ll all go in DS1’s freezer for us to enjoy with him when we get back for a visit (after some is eaten this week, I’m sure).

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m feeling so very thankful for husband, children, parents, siblings and all their families, aunts/uncles and cousins, friends, co-workers, home, community and country.  It’s a wonderful world, and God has provided for everything I need, and a lot of stuff I don’t need.
Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving – may you be blessed with family and friends around, and in remembering all you have to be thankful for.           Peg

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love antiques, and over the years we’ve collected a few pieces.  I’m inspired today to share one with you all, a result of seeing Marlene’s on her blog.
This sewing machine is a Singer.  My mother bought it in about 1955 from the original owner, who was apparently an elderly lady who’d just purchased her first electric machine.  Mom tells the story that the deal was made and she went to pick up the machine to hear that the lady wasn’t so sure she could part with it.  But Mom was desperate (to be able to mend clothes for her growing young family, and at a price she could afford at the time), so she begged and pleaded and won the lady over.  After a number of years, Mom wrote to Singer and received a letter authenticating the machine as having been manufactured in 1895.  The machine doesn’t fold down at all, instead the ‘hood’ has to be removed.  When there were a lot of grandbabies crawling around, Mom disengaged the belt so nobody could get hurt, but I’m sure if it was reset, there’d be no problem with at least sewing a straight line.    There are a couple of needles and a bobbin in a drawer.  It was the only machine we had until about 1972, and was what I learned to sew on.  As you can see a couple of drawer fronts are missing – DH and I keep eyes open every time we walk into an antique store to see if we can find anything to replace them all, but no luck so far.   DH refinished the cabinet for my mom about 25 years ago, and at that time she said it would come to live in our home when she no longer had room for it, so we received it about 15 years ago and it has held pride of place in our home since.  Now it is a treasured piece of furniture, holding our old LP record collection, or at least part of it, on the treadle, a plant on top and a small stereo record player on the extension arm.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The big reveal

Well, another secret was revealed this past weekend.
I’ve been keeping this one to myself, because I didn’t want my DD to find out about this.  On Saturday one of her wedding showers was held here in the Fraser Valley, so I was able to go.  We had so much fun!!!  And I even got a prize for knowing the most about the engaged couple (tied with the groom’s mother) – whew at least I didn’t fail that test!

Anyway, my gift to DD has been in the quilting works for a few weeks – and here it is:

  I haven’t got a picture yet of her holding it, but when I told her it should fit her table, she said nobody would be allowed to put anything on it, ever. 

  I’m really quite pleased at the way it turned out – will be anxious to see it in her house.
Well, off to get started on the day.                Love to you all.   Peg

Reno adventure

No we didn’t go to Reno – we were RENO-vating.  The renovations at my parents’ home continue.  The roof (see my blog August 4) was completed early August, then there was a hiatus due to some controversy with park management.  But things were settled and they were able to proceed again in September.

A week of work and the roofs were done.

Then it was time to start on the siding.  As I said, there was a hiatus in between, and most of the siding work my father was able to do on his own.  One of my brothers came in early September to help replace the sliding patio door, and then our job this past week was to help move the canopy away from the trailer, and get the siding on that side of the house, and put the canopy back.  Several neighbors came along to help with the canopy.

And it needed to be well braced and supported to ensure it didn’t fall over, or get blown away if the wind came up:

After strapping, insulating, sheeting, tar-papering – finally the siding went on.
Then everybody came back to put the canopy back in place.  And it looks like a new trailer:

How wonderful it all looks – final steps of putting siding on the right side and back should be finished this week, and then my dad can take a break before he gets started on the inside.

Home again

Well, we’re home and life is returning to something like normal.  Although, later this afternoon DH leaves to spend a week in Calgary, so ‘normal’ this week is me at home by myself.  This is my chance!!!  The plan is to tackle fall cleaning, and get into all those corners that get so neglected over the summer, and sort through all those drawers, closets and cubby holes where things are stashed waiting for attention.
But  - to catch you all up with what’s been going on the last two weeks or so:
We headed out on September 20 to spend a week camping on the Sunshine Coast, which lived up to its name and reputation.  We had a beautiful week, exploring and relaxing and sharing with our brother/sister-in-law.
We camped about 5 minutes outside of Sechelt, not on the ocean, but it wasn’t far to be able to enjoy a stroll and watch and listen to the waves.

Gibson’s Landing is a must-see for anyone visiting this area. 

The home of the long-running TV show the Beachcombers, Molly’s Reach restaurant has been brought back to life.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch there.
The restaurant is situated right next to the marina, where we discovered this little gem:

 A green house on the water.

Of course it was necessary to stop at the local quilt shop where S and I both found treasures we couldn’t pass up.  Eventually there will be pictures of the results when these treasures get sewn up.  You can visit the shop on line here.
Roberts Creek is a small community about half-way between Gibson’s Landing and Sechelt, where there is a historic church. Built on donated land for the Anglican Church of Canada, the church opened its doors in 1936.  After some years, the congregation merged with the church in Gibson’s to continue their work in the broader community.  In 1997, the building and land were purchased by a local company, who are in the process of rebuilding and attempting to reactivate life in the church by using it for purposes in keeping with the property’s character and respectful of its original use.  Their website will give you the whole story.
Another day was spent visiting the Skookumchuk Rapids – a spot to watch the tidal movements. 
On our way, we stopped at Halfmoon Bay to visit the historic general store.

The walk to the Rapids takes about 2 hours one way, most of it on fairly level ground, through a typical West Coast Rainforest.  The Rapids weren’t very rapid on this particular day.

We stood on the rocks and watched seagulls at play and sea-lions bobbing up and down.   The sea-lions were impossible to catch on film as they were at quite a distance.  We watched a propane delivery to homes and businesses on the opposite shore.
Another day spent exploring Sechelt town-site, and a walk along the waterfront there.
Eucalyptus trees are fairly unique to this area (only otherwise grow in California, apparently):
Marine life is abundant among the rocks.
Another trip along the oceanfront, and we watched a para-sailer as he tumbled and then recovered to head back out to sea.

We arrived home on Sunday, only to leave again on Tuesday – that’s in the next blog.