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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love antiques, and over the years we’ve collected a few pieces.  I’m inspired today to share one with you all, a result of seeing Marlene’s on her blog.
This sewing machine is a Singer.  My mother bought it in about 1955 from the original owner, who was apparently an elderly lady who’d just purchased her first electric machine.  Mom tells the story that the deal was made and she went to pick up the machine to hear that the lady wasn’t so sure she could part with it.  But Mom was desperate (to be able to mend clothes for her growing young family, and at a price she could afford at the time), so she begged and pleaded and won the lady over.  After a number of years, Mom wrote to Singer and received a letter authenticating the machine as having been manufactured in 1895.  The machine doesn’t fold down at all, instead the ‘hood’ has to be removed.  When there were a lot of grandbabies crawling around, Mom disengaged the belt so nobody could get hurt, but I’m sure if it was reset, there’d be no problem with at least sewing a straight line.    There are a couple of needles and a bobbin in a drawer.  It was the only machine we had until about 1972, and was what I learned to sew on.  As you can see a couple of drawer fronts are missing – DH and I keep eyes open every time we walk into an antique store to see if we can find anything to replace them all, but no luck so far.   DH refinished the cabinet for my mom about 25 years ago, and at that time she said it would come to live in our home when she no longer had room for it, so we received it about 15 years ago and it has held pride of place in our home since.  Now it is a treasured piece of furniture, holding our old LP record collection, or at least part of it, on the treadle, a plant on top and a small stereo record player on the extension arm.


  1. What a lot of sewing history that machine could tell you!

  2. Heavens it looks just like the one my grandmother had before she got an electric one. My Mom had it and then I got it, but I was so tired of looking at it I sold it to some one for the legs. The Singer logo and the legs. Woe is me. Who knew.

  3. I love that sewing machine. I remember how it smelled - sort of woodsy/oily. And I remember the staple holding the belt together. And I remember opening one of the drawers one day and the handle falling off. I was so terrified, thinking that I broke it. I put it back in and swore never to touch it again. I think I was about 6 or 7. We were living on Unsworth at the time. I was a teenager before I realized it was just old!