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Friday, October 16, 2009

Arrival of Autumn

Well, if fall cleaning didn’t signify the arrival of autumn, the weather has done it for us.  The brilliant sunshine we’ve had for months, has succumbed to the inevitable onslaught of wind and rain.  Admittedly not as much wind and rain as the weatherman forecast, and we did have a couple of hours of sunshine yesterday afternoon (so took the opportunity to walk the dog), but still it is definitely looking more and more like autumn outside.

Unfortunately, in all the busyness of Thanksgiving day, we all forgot about taking pictures.  But we had a wonderful time, a full house, and full tummies as everybody rolled out the door.

The week since then has been quiet – with a clean house, what is a person supposed to do to fill the time!?!  Right now, no quilting projects to keep me busy (well, one, but that’s a joint project, and so only done when we can meet – and it’s one of those secrets).

Emergency Social Services has given DH and I a project – signing up facilities for Reception Centers and Group Lodging in the event of an emergency.  Some progress was made on that, but we’re at a stall right now waiting for some answers to questions before we actually approach people (need to be prepared for their questions).  In the meantime, we went over to the ESS House – it actually is a house that the district purchased for ESS to meet and plan and train and store all their stuff, and it’s a lot of stuff – to do some fall cleaning there.  A couple of hours got the office into some kind of shape, at least desk and counter tops are visible again.  We’ll go back and tackle some of the storage areas next week. 

I had a dream last night that we were at ESS House with the ESS director and the district Emergency Services Coordinator.  In my dream, the white board that we had just hung up had been torn off the wall, and a part of it broken off, and somebody had duct-taped the rest of it back onto the wall, erased the information on it and covered it with gobbledy-gook.  We discovered this as we came down from the office after having admired the tidiness there.  Then we found that the storage bins (full of supplies to respond to an emergency) around the meeting area, and the Level 1 Response bags were all gone!!!  There was somebody there running a day-care and little children were running in and out, while the care-giver was on the phone.   The coordinator had been busy taking garbage out, but when we turned to ask him where everything had gone, he’d disappeared.  It was an amazingly disturbing dream – actually a bit of a nightmare as I could just imagine the stress we’d experience if any of that kind of thing really did happen.  Really do have to get that alarm system fixed!!!

So today – will stay indoors again, enjoying the fireplaces while it rains outside.  Maybe we’ll tackle the basement and see if we can make some sense of all the boxes and things down there.
Tomorrow, I get to go to a Creative Expo and get some inspiration for more projects, and hopefully find some quilting bargains, and enjoy time with my dear sister-in-law.
God bless you all.                              Peg

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  1. Hi Peg, good to hear from you. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving. This is the first I knew that Canada had it in October. Barry did a great post explaining the holiday. I had a fun time doing the Ball at Willow Manor on Tuesday. I am coming up on a year blogging and am planning a blog party for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. I would love for you to take part. Got plenty of time.