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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A great week

Well, I set out to do fall cleaning this week, and it’s done – it’s really done.  All the cupboards and closets are tidy, all the corners are clean, all the windows are sparkling, all the junk is on its way to finding a new home via the thrift store.  I love a clean house.  The outdoors even got a going-over, and the patio tables and chairs are put away.  Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner is done, and as much prep as can be done is done – so bring on the family, and extended family, and in-laws, and shirt-tail relatives.  I’M READY!!  It’s a wonderful feeling.
But I’m finding it hard to relax now – somehow I got wound up and my spring is still really tight.  I find myself wandering around wondering what else needs to be done, or what I can do next.  Need to work on getting into a more relaxed mode, and sit down and do some hand-work.
This week was also the beginning again of the walking class at the local fitness center – it’s good to get back into some regular exercise.  And my Monday night quilting group is back together, and my Thursday night Bible study is getting started, and volunteer groups are getting going again – you sure can tell fall has arrived. 
And thinking of fall – when I was outside this morning, that wind had quite a bite to it.  When I came in and hit the shower, my toes tingled as the feeling came back.  Leaves are starting to fall, and the days are getting shorter.   The sun made its appearance for just a couple of hours and now it’s hidden again.  We’ve had brilliant fall here in the Fraser Valley, and I for one am enjoying the fact that it’s not started to rain yet.
DH has been away – in Calgary doing some hunting with DS1.  I got this picture yesterday:

 1 Canada goose, 1 snow goose, 7 mallards was apparently the shoot of the day.  They’ll all go in DS1’s freezer for us to enjoy with him when we get back for a visit (after some is eaten this week, I’m sure).

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m feeling so very thankful for husband, children, parents, siblings and all their families, aunts/uncles and cousins, friends, co-workers, home, community and country.  It’s a wonderful world, and God has provided for everything I need, and a lot of stuff I don’t need.
Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving – may you be blessed with family and friends around, and in remembering all you have to be thankful for.           Peg


  1. I did not know Thanksgiving in Canada was in October. It is always a certain date or a certain day? Our Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of November. My birthday is the 27th of Nov. and every sever years my bd is on Thanksgiving. This year it is on Friday after Thanksgiving.I wish you a happy holiday and safe one for all your family who are traveling. Lovely table topper.

  2. HI Peggy - yes, Thanksgiving in Canada is the same day as Columbus Day in US (not sure if every state celebrates that), so the 2nd Monday of October is our day. Unbelievably, Christmas seems to start here right after Thanksgiving the same as in the US - but given the dates it's oh so much sooner. Just the other day I was in a store where they were putting up their Christmas displays and Thanksgiving hadn't even arrived. Sadly, I'm having difficulty finding napkins for my dinner on Monday - it seems that Thanksgiving has slid into the background as far as holidays go. Somebody needs to remind people that there's reasons to be thankful!!

  3. Hey! That's a perfect start to a mandala quilt! It's gorgeous.