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Monday, October 5, 2009

Home again

Well, we’re home and life is returning to something like normal.  Although, later this afternoon DH leaves to spend a week in Calgary, so ‘normal’ this week is me at home by myself.  This is my chance!!!  The plan is to tackle fall cleaning, and get into all those corners that get so neglected over the summer, and sort through all those drawers, closets and cubby holes where things are stashed waiting for attention.
But  - to catch you all up with what’s been going on the last two weeks or so:
We headed out on September 20 to spend a week camping on the Sunshine Coast, which lived up to its name and reputation.  We had a beautiful week, exploring and relaxing and sharing with our brother/sister-in-law.
We camped about 5 minutes outside of Sechelt, not on the ocean, but it wasn’t far to be able to enjoy a stroll and watch and listen to the waves.

Gibson’s Landing is a must-see for anyone visiting this area. 

The home of the long-running TV show the Beachcombers, Molly’s Reach restaurant has been brought back to life.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch there.
The restaurant is situated right next to the marina, where we discovered this little gem:

 A green house on the water.

Of course it was necessary to stop at the local quilt shop where S and I both found treasures we couldn’t pass up.  Eventually there will be pictures of the results when these treasures get sewn up.  You can visit the shop on line here.
Roberts Creek is a small community about half-way between Gibson’s Landing and Sechelt, where there is a historic church. Built on donated land for the Anglican Church of Canada, the church opened its doors in 1936.  After some years, the congregation merged with the church in Gibson’s to continue their work in the broader community.  In 1997, the building and land were purchased by a local company, who are in the process of rebuilding and attempting to reactivate life in the church by using it for purposes in keeping with the property’s character and respectful of its original use.  Their website will give you the whole story.
Another day was spent visiting the Skookumchuk Rapids – a spot to watch the tidal movements. 
On our way, we stopped at Halfmoon Bay to visit the historic general store.

The walk to the Rapids takes about 2 hours one way, most of it on fairly level ground, through a typical West Coast Rainforest.  The Rapids weren’t very rapid on this particular day.

We stood on the rocks and watched seagulls at play and sea-lions bobbing up and down.   The sea-lions were impossible to catch on film as they were at quite a distance.  We watched a propane delivery to homes and businesses on the opposite shore.
Another day spent exploring Sechelt town-site, and a walk along the waterfront there.
Eucalyptus trees are fairly unique to this area (only otherwise grow in California, apparently):
Marine life is abundant among the rocks.
Another trip along the oceanfront, and we watched a para-sailer as he tumbled and then recovered to head back out to sea.

We arrived home on Sunday, only to leave again on Tuesday – that’s in the next blog.

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