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Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Tiny Pieces

When I wrote my post for today, I discovered this one that I wrote a little over a week ago - internet server went down for several hours before I got it published, then forgot all about it. So here's what I wanted to share with you all on October 23:
Just recently I was talking to a friend about how very busy life seems to be – constantly going somewhere or doing something. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to be busy, and I really do like having projects and goals, and really don’t like being bored. But at the same time as I feel like I don’t have enough time, there seems to be time on my hands. It’s kind of a strange feeling. So I spent some time thinking about what was really happening here and came to the following conclusion:
My life is fragmented into little tiny pieces.
When I was working, it seemed that there were workdays and weekends. Period. That was how life functioned. Now each day has a little bit of work, a little bit of volunteering, a little bit of quilting/sewing/needlework, a little bit of housework, a little bit of relaxing. And somehow I just seem to be running from one thing to the next, and not always accomplishing what I set out to do. Very often, I find myself walking into a room and realizing that I was part way through something when I moved on to something else for whatever reason and totally forgot what I had been doing. It’s this fragmenting of every day that makes each day seem so very busy.
I have even resorted to a day-timer for the first time in my life. Oh, yes I always used some kind of calendar, usually the electronic one in the email program, at work to make sure I didn’t miss a meeting or appointment there. But I’ve never before needed to write down my activities at home (beyond an occasional note on a wall calendar).

It doesn’t really look all that full, but some of these appointments/plans mean driving 30 minutes one way just to get there. Somehow this is not what I envisioned when I decided to retire from full-time work a year ago.
One thing I have noted, as I looked back, and ahead, to see what all I was doing, there is a mixture, and at least on a regular basis, I’m doing things just because I like to do them.
So what have I done this week?
  • Saturday spent a few hours at the BC Creative Expo – a chance to see what others do with their creative minds and talents, mostly in scrapbooking, but some quilting and other crafts. I picked up a couple of pieces of fabric for a quilt I have in mind, and some stickers for the album I’ll do after our DD’s wedding in November.
  • Sunday – went with DH to the Train and Hobby Show – we try to go every few years just to see what kinds of things other people do to fill their spare time. DH has always been fascinated by trains, and remote control planes/boats/cars. So we watched a couple of car races, watched a man fly his plane, entered a draw for a remote control boat, and stood in awe of the Lego cities.
  • Monday – only one insurance medical appointment, so a fairly quiet day. I got started on a sundress to take on the trip next month. Also got started on a project for ESS – contacting various venues in the area to get agreement for group spaces in the event of an emergency. The evening was spent with my quilting buddies – I get so much inspiration and encouragement from this wonderful group of friends.
  • Tuesday – walking class in the morning, more work on the ESS project in the afternoon, then a couple of insurance medical appointments in the evening. Oh, and finally made the hotel reservations at Toronto for our trip.
  • Wednesday morning an appointment around the ESS project, more phone calls in the afternoon, then a couple of insurance med appointments in the evening.
  • Thursday – started out the day at walking class again, then an insurance med appointment filled up the morning. Thankfully DH took over and did all the housework, because I just was not here!! Another appointment in the afternoon for ESS, and phone calls in between. Almost finished up the sundress.
  • Today, DH and I did 3 appointments for ESS in the morning, came home to find my insurance med appointment in the afternoon had been cancelled. So I made a few more phone calls – ESS and insurance medicals, setting up appointments for next week. This evening I’m off to a PartiLite party.
  • Tomorrow – an insurance medical appointment, then there’s a local quilt show to visit, and in the evening we’re off to watch the local theatre guild production of Nunsense.
Not much time in there for quilting, but I did work a little bit on one of the ‘secret’ projects.
So, it’s easy to see why I feel so fragmented and even a little fractured lately – now to work on how I can get back to some semblance of sanity. Got any ideas?
God bless you all – thanks for listening. Peg

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  1. Oh Peg I love to read your blogs. When I first retired and even now I find myself going from one room to another and see a project I had started on a walked away. I thought I am not held accountable for my time any more and the routine just falls away to my whims. I know those Ins exams are excellent way to have income without the strain of a regular job. Of course getting ready for a wedding is a whiz bang all the way around. I think we are twins in cyberspace. Blessings