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Monday, November 2, 2009


This past week and a bit has just flown by, with untold numbers of people to talk to and visit and interview – both for insurance medicals and for our ESS project.  No sewing, no quilting, no blogging.  So here it is Monday morning – second day of November – wedding month for our DD and soon-to-be DSIL.

I’m told there are only 24 more sleeps until we go on the big trip – to Dominican Republic to celebrate our daughter’s wedding.  So the suitcases are coming out today, so that as I think of things that we need to take along, they’ll be right there, and won’t get forgotten.  Like the towels …

The embroidery arm is on the machine, and the challenge this week is to embroider names of the wedding party onto them – thank you gifts.  MOG, who herself is a fabulous quilter/designer, is looking for black bobbin thread and stabilizer for me and then I can get started.  These are large bath sheets, which can be used for beach towels – fitting mementos for the gang as the wedding will be on a beach.

I did a test run on one of my beige towels, and it worked!!   And don't ask about the 'name' - all the guys have nicknames that only make sense to them!

Another item that must come with us is ribbon. The teal and yellow ribbon is for wrapping onto bouquets and attaching fans to the chairs at the wedding ceremony.

Of course MOB and FOB outfits are at the top of the list, as well as lots of OFF to protect us from ‘biting’ insects.  We’re all immunized against almost every imaginable disease – at least that’s how my arms feel – and taking more medicines to fend off any others that think they can ruin our vacation.

Then there’s the speech – DH and I have been asked to do a speech together – so we’ll be sitting down soon to actually get our ideas on paper.  And make sure it’s packed!!

Hoping you all have a great week ahead of you.  Take the time to read a good book or watch a good movie as the winter winds start to howl.                               Peg

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