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A Pieceful Life


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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Quiet Week

And this is just what it has been – very quiet, lots of time to relax, and reflect, and finish up a couple of projects.
The embroidered towels for the wedding party gifts are finished and packed.  The cross-stitch Christmas stockings I’ve been picking at most of the year are now stitched and ready to be sewn up.  The first draft of our speech for the wedding is written.  The extra suitcases have been brought up from the basement, so more packing can now be done.  DH’s outfit is washed and pressed, hems rolled up per instructions.
I’ve spent a lot of time getting caught up with blogger friends, and Facebook friends, and email friends.  There are so many wonderful friends out there, and busy days leave little time to keep in touch.
DH and I spent Saturday at the Salvation Army Corps taking a course related to Emergency Social Services – an introduction to their disaster assistance, and their mobile food services vehicles.  The value in organizations like this that mobilize to help in disasters of every size is immense.  We’re certainly inspired to do all we can for our community and country when in need.
Just to be able to put a picture into this post, here’s one of the stockings:

This is one of a set of 3 stockings.  I originally made the set for our 3 children a number of years ago, and am gradually completing the set for each of them as they marry and start their own families.  This is the middle stocking, depicting Santa’s boots coming down the chimney – the first is of a woman decorating the Christmas tree, with a child’s hand at the bottom starting to write the letter – the last shows gifts under the tree, cookies and milk gone and the note then says ‘Thanks, Santa’.  Unfortunately I don’t have pictures on my computer of all of them to be able to show you.
I started doing Christmas stockings in 1993 for DD.  The reason: our family had always practiced the German tradition of Christmas plates for our children to receive on Christmas morning.  The plates were handed down from DH’s parents (they brought them from Germany when they immigrated), and contained nuts, oranges, candy, a special chocolate, and a small gift – they were allowed to open this gift immediately on waking (keep them a little occupied until everybody was up and we were ready to tackle the tree).  DD always wanted stockings, just like her friends had.  So that year I made her this stocking:

with the promise that she’d get a stocking every year until she didn’t want them any more.  Most of the stockings are cross-stitch, generally her choice of pattern, but a couple of them are quilted, and this year’s is a different surprise.  I’ll try to remember to post a picture after she receives it, so as not to spoil it for her.

So, onto the day and the week.            God bless you all


  1. Your stockings are a work of Art. I hadnt heard of the German tradition, but how lovely that you keep it alive.

  2. Wonderful traditions. Kids act like they don't care much when they are young, but they really do. You do such beautiful work.

  3. Beautiful stockings!!
    Wishing you safe travels to the wedding and enjoy your "family time" together and your little holiday. Take lots of photos to share with us!