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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

May the Lord Bless you all

Unto us a Child is born…..

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I’ve just discovered I passed my first year anniversary of blogging.  The date came while we were away on our vacation. 
When I discovered it had been a year, I took some time to look back at what I had written,  reflecting on the changes in life over this past year,  and learning that my original plan to blog about quilting has transformed into just simply blogging whatever comes to mind. 
I’m also rejoicing in all the new blogger-land friends gained in this past year.  So many wonderful bloggers, with so much to share.  You’re all so precious to me and I look forward every day to seeing what new things you all have to say and to share – quilts and crafts and recipes; life in different parts of the world like eastern US, France, and Australia; families and jobs and challenges and joys.  My life is so much richer because of all of you.
Then there’s all the things I’ve learned about computers and blog sites – one of my favorite joys in life is learning new things and this blogging adventure has certainly satisfied that desire, over and over again.  Just a short while ago, I learned how to add a picture to my header and  finally ventured into trying it out  – and it worked!! 
Besides learning about blogging, there’s been learning about quilting, cooking, geo-caching, decorating, scrapbooking, books to read, and myriad other hints for life in general.  This is thanks to all of you out there who so freely share.  May you be as richly blessed as you have blessed me.

Wishing you all a  Blessed Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas has arrived at our house

And along with it, oh so appropriately, SNOW
Days of getting sorted out from our trip – unpacking, laundry, picking up dog and cat, grocery shopping, prepping for a brief return to work, catching up on mail and paramedical assignments – finally got around to decorating the house.  We’ve never been this late in getting at least some of Christmas into our home, but this was an unusual year.  Sunday was 3rd advent, and we of course hadn’t had an opportunity to light the appropriate candles before this.  So we got busy.
In our house, Christmas is much more than decorations, tree, presents and family gatherings – it is the time to honor especially the birth of our Lord.  From our first Christmas, we’ve always had an advent wreath, with 5 candles – 1 for each Advent Sunday, and a center one for Christmas Day.  When our children were little, we’d gather around the wreath on Sunday evenings, light the candles for that day, and read a part of the Christmas story from the Bible.  We have a large family Bible that was a wedding gift, and was always displayed open to the pages of the Christmas story at that time of year.  Now, DH and I simply light the candles and take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful gift God gave to the world and to us in the birth of His Son.  Over the years, the wreath itself has changed.

In the first year of our marriage we bought a Nativity set, and made sure it was prominently displayed as a symbol of the true meaning of Christmas.  A few years later, I was trying my hand at pottery, and made a set of Christmas ornaments depicting Nativity characters, as well as a children’s Nativity pageant scene.  This began a collection of various Nativities – today totaling something near 40 all together.  There are Christmas ornaments, small sets, large sets, x-stitch pictures and even a stocking, an advent calendar that yields a new piece every day for the month of December, a quilted wall-hanging, a couple that light up, some music boxes – some were gifts, some were purchases on various trips, some are hand-made.  They fill the house, so that almost everywhere one looks, there’s another reminder.

Well, off to get ready for a work-day.  Wishing you all a blessed season.  Jesus is the reason for the season

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wedding trip

We’re home and somewhat recovered from the jet lag.  It took a couple of days for me to get sorted through the hundreds of pictures, in between laundry, cleaning, picking up cat and dog, grocery shopping, getting ready to go to work, Christmas decorating.  It was so hard to believe, when returning from the tropics that Christmas was then only 14 days away.
We left on November 26, flying through Edmonton to Toronto, overnighting there, then on to Dominican Republic.
In just 24 hours, we went from this:  This is as we flew into Edmonton.  You can just barely make out the skiff of snow, but note the frozen river.
To this:
The weather was fabulous, very hot at 30 deg Celsius, but the cool drinks flowed freely.
We began the wedding celebrations with a lunch cruise to a quiet bay where we could all get in the water.  The bride and groom were ‘dressed’ for the occasion:
And we tendered out to the boat:

Then in the water:

After the wedding (see previous blog ), we got down to serious vacationing, with time in the ocean and pools, and a couple of excursions around the country.
We visited a typical home:
Learned about their education system: Children attend local schools 4 hours a day, divided into 3 sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening) to accommodate them all. They go to centralized high schools, and apparently 85% go on to university.
We saw coconut oil and cigars being made:
 The oil is squeezed out of the coconut meat after it’s grated, then strained and cooked.
 In the countryside cigars are made by hand.
The main religion of the country is Roman Catholic

We also visited Santo Domingo, capital city of Dominican Republic, the oldest city in North America, where Christopher Columbus first landed in 1492.
 Pigeons were everywhere, no longer kept for food as the people now eat chicken instead.
The architecture was very Spanish
There was, of course, an opportunity to shop, and try to resist the hawkers:

We visited a cathedral and a catacomb
These were fascinating days, but it was so nice to have days to lay back and enjoy the water.

Even though Christmas decor and music prevailed in DR it was hard to believe that we were just days away from Christmas until we got home.
Coming home – this was the sight that greeted us at Calgary:
  and reality began to set in.

Happy, Happy Wedding

It truly was the happiest, most joy-filled, loving, and blessed wedding we’ve ever been to.  Our DD is now Mrs.
35 of us flew to Dominican Republic November 26/28, to share in their day on the 30th.

After all of the months of planning, and phone calls, and shopping, and showers, DD and our now DSIL, pledged their love for each other.
She was the most beautiful bride, dancing down aisle after the ceremony announcing to the world:  ‘We’re MARRIED’!!!
Here are a few pics:
 The dress survived the trip, and was carefully hung on the balcony to let any wrinkles hang out in the humidity there (after, of course, the guys had taken the groom away).
 The beach was set up with two palm leaf arches, and parasols were added to personalize the setting.  There were, not surprisingly lots of on-lookers.
The bride arrived late – supposed to be good luck – but even as we walked her down the aisle, I needed to remind her to slow down for the pictures – I told her to pretend that she was reluctant to do this

She smiled all the way.
The ceremony was conducted by a friend, was not a legal ceremony (the kids had a civil ceremony at home in Calgary the day before they flew to DR), but was certainly very well done.  After a few solemn and pointed statements about marriage, commitment and friendship, J announced ‘by the power vested in me by Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort, I now pronounce you husband and wife’.
These pictures are just casual shots from some of those that were there – the photographer took over 3000 pictures of the weekend, so apparently it will be a few weeks before we see them all.
After a celebratory toast, and the photo shoots, we had a lovely dinner at the resort’s convention center – in a room open to the outdoors, with the beach/travel theme carried through in the place settings DD chose.

The little ‘luggage tags’ were also used for her guest book:

And we danced the night away:  Note – I really did have shoes, but so much more comfortable to dance barefoot.

The love and joy that the newlyweds share in each other, was reflected in the love and joy of their friends and family.