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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas has arrived at our house

And along with it, oh so appropriately, SNOW
Days of getting sorted out from our trip – unpacking, laundry, picking up dog and cat, grocery shopping, prepping for a brief return to work, catching up on mail and paramedical assignments – finally got around to decorating the house.  We’ve never been this late in getting at least some of Christmas into our home, but this was an unusual year.  Sunday was 3rd advent, and we of course hadn’t had an opportunity to light the appropriate candles before this.  So we got busy.
In our house, Christmas is much more than decorations, tree, presents and family gatherings – it is the time to honor especially the birth of our Lord.  From our first Christmas, we’ve always had an advent wreath, with 5 candles – 1 for each Advent Sunday, and a center one for Christmas Day.  When our children were little, we’d gather around the wreath on Sunday evenings, light the candles for that day, and read a part of the Christmas story from the Bible.  We have a large family Bible that was a wedding gift, and was always displayed open to the pages of the Christmas story at that time of year.  Now, DH and I simply light the candles and take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful gift God gave to the world and to us in the birth of His Son.  Over the years, the wreath itself has changed.

In the first year of our marriage we bought a Nativity set, and made sure it was prominently displayed as a symbol of the true meaning of Christmas.  A few years later, I was trying my hand at pottery, and made a set of Christmas ornaments depicting Nativity characters, as well as a children’s Nativity pageant scene.  This began a collection of various Nativities – today totaling something near 40 all together.  There are Christmas ornaments, small sets, large sets, x-stitch pictures and even a stocking, an advent calendar that yields a new piece every day for the month of December, a quilted wall-hanging, a couple that light up, some music boxes – some were gifts, some were purchases on various trips, some are hand-made.  They fill the house, so that almost everywhere one looks, there’s another reminder.

Well, off to get ready for a work-day.  Wishing you all a blessed season.  Jesus is the reason for the season

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  1. We love the advent traditions also and have the wreath. Thinks look like they are shaping up there. Merry Christmas to you and family.