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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy, Happy Wedding

It truly was the happiest, most joy-filled, loving, and blessed wedding we’ve ever been to.  Our DD is now Mrs.
35 of us flew to Dominican Republic November 26/28, to share in their day on the 30th.

After all of the months of planning, and phone calls, and shopping, and showers, DD and our now DSIL, pledged their love for each other.
She was the most beautiful bride, dancing down aisle after the ceremony announcing to the world:  ‘We’re MARRIED’!!!
Here are a few pics:
 The dress survived the trip, and was carefully hung on the balcony to let any wrinkles hang out in the humidity there (after, of course, the guys had taken the groom away).
 The beach was set up with two palm leaf arches, and parasols were added to personalize the setting.  There were, not surprisingly lots of on-lookers.
The bride arrived late – supposed to be good luck – but even as we walked her down the aisle, I needed to remind her to slow down for the pictures – I told her to pretend that she was reluctant to do this

She smiled all the way.
The ceremony was conducted by a friend, was not a legal ceremony (the kids had a civil ceremony at home in Calgary the day before they flew to DR), but was certainly very well done.  After a few solemn and pointed statements about marriage, commitment and friendship, J announced ‘by the power vested in me by Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort, I now pronounce you husband and wife’.
These pictures are just casual shots from some of those that were there – the photographer took over 3000 pictures of the weekend, so apparently it will be a few weeks before we see them all.
After a celebratory toast, and the photo shoots, we had a lovely dinner at the resort’s convention center – in a room open to the outdoors, with the beach/travel theme carried through in the place settings DD chose.

The little ‘luggage tags’ were also used for her guest book:

And we danced the night away:  Note – I really did have shoes, but so much more comfortable to dance barefoot.

The love and joy that the newlyweds share in each other, was reflected in the love and joy of their friends and family.

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  1. Oh, such fun! Like a dream! Your daughter is a gorgeous bride and the couple will just have the most wonderful memories of this time. Congratulations to the parents as well...you look amazing also.