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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wedding trip

We’re home and somewhat recovered from the jet lag.  It took a couple of days for me to get sorted through the hundreds of pictures, in between laundry, cleaning, picking up cat and dog, grocery shopping, getting ready to go to work, Christmas decorating.  It was so hard to believe, when returning from the tropics that Christmas was then only 14 days away.
We left on November 26, flying through Edmonton to Toronto, overnighting there, then on to Dominican Republic.
In just 24 hours, we went from this:  This is as we flew into Edmonton.  You can just barely make out the skiff of snow, but note the frozen river.
To this:
The weather was fabulous, very hot at 30 deg Celsius, but the cool drinks flowed freely.
We began the wedding celebrations with a lunch cruise to a quiet bay where we could all get in the water.  The bride and groom were ‘dressed’ for the occasion:
And we tendered out to the boat:

Then in the water:

After the wedding (see previous blog ), we got down to serious vacationing, with time in the ocean and pools, and a couple of excursions around the country.
We visited a typical home:
Learned about their education system: Children attend local schools 4 hours a day, divided into 3 sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening) to accommodate them all. They go to centralized high schools, and apparently 85% go on to university.
We saw coconut oil and cigars being made:
 The oil is squeezed out of the coconut meat after it’s grated, then strained and cooked.
 In the countryside cigars are made by hand.
The main religion of the country is Roman Catholic

We also visited Santo Domingo, capital city of Dominican Republic, the oldest city in North America, where Christopher Columbus first landed in 1492.
 Pigeons were everywhere, no longer kept for food as the people now eat chicken instead.
The architecture was very Spanish
There was, of course, an opportunity to shop, and try to resist the hawkers:

We visited a cathedral and a catacomb
These were fascinating days, but it was so nice to have days to lay back and enjoy the water.

Even though Christmas decor and music prevailed in DR it was hard to believe that we were just days away from Christmas until we got home.
Coming home – this was the sight that greeted us at Calgary:
  and reality began to set in.

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  1. Oh Peg what beautiful pictures. The wedding ceremony looks magnificant. You got a lot of sightseeing in. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Where did they honeymoon? Did they stay there at the resort? I love the Caribbean. Enjoy your Christmas preps. blessings