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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Big 30

Hard to believe but my baby is 30 years old today.   He was a surprise then, and continues to surprise throughout his life. 
The surprise on this day?   There were a few.  First, he wasn’t due to arrive yet, and in fact we thought we had 3-4 more weeks to go based on the fact that the first two were 2-4 weeks late in arriving.
We’d made all the arrangements for mid –February, including my mom coming just about then, to have time to visit her friends before settling in to sit with the other two while I was in hospital.  In those days 5-day maternity stays were the norm.  We also had back-up friends just in case something went awry – good thing we did.
DH and I had decided to wallpaper kids’ bedrooms – the best time for that being after they went to bed at night.  So we got going about 8 p.m. and all was going well when the phone rang at midnight.  It was friends announcing the birth of their daughter, about 3 weeks late LOL.  We congratulated them, and said we’d visit in a couple of weeks.  The room got finished, all got cleaned up, and DH and I dropped into bed.
Three hours later, I was suddenly woken out of a sound sleep.  It was apparently almost time!!!  Not in too much of a panic, I had a bath, and finished packing up a suitcase, and phoned the doctor (good thing because it was his day off and he’d been planning on a ski trip), then called a friend who’d agreed to take the kids if mom hadn’t arrived yet, and headed out the door about 6 a.m.
But things were progressing quite rapidly, and for a little bit I wasn’t sure we’d make it to the hospital.   We did, with nurses chastising me for ‘waiting so long’.  Got into the delivery room, and DS2 decided he wasn’t so sure he wanted to be born yet.  So in come the obstetrician and an anesthetist to see what they could do to help things along, the obstetrician and my doctor left the room, I was rolled onto my side – and DS2 changed his mind and decided to face the world after all.  Surprise # 2.
While all the docs were doing their thing in deciding how to handle this delivery, DH was asked to leave the room.  He went down to the cafeteria to have a cup of coffee.  When the baby was born so suddenly, the nurse ran out to the hall to try to find DH, saw him and called ‘come and see your new baby’.  But the man she called to said ‘I don’t think so, my baby was born yesterday’.  It was our friend – the two men were similar build, both with dark beards.  The nurse just said ‘oh, you men with beards all look alike’.  Surprise # 3 – here we thought we’d be visiting their new baby at home, with babies expected about 6 weeks apart, and we were in hospital together.  It sure was nice to have a friend close.
As I said DS2 has continued to surprise us throughout his life with his joy and verve for life.  As a baby he was a chubby little guy who was always smiling.  A few years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, he found an old baby picture, and put himself in the same pose, with the same smile, and gave us these framed.

He grew up to be a tall, slender athlete.  He played pretty well every sport that came along in school, and outside school he was into T-ball, BMX racing, track and field (sprinter/hurdler mostly) and SOCCER.  We’ve become a huge soccer family because of him.  His soccer skills were superb, and he was able to play any position going.  At 16 he played in an international tournament, won a position on the local All-Star team (missed making the provincial team because he was sick on the day of the picks), and at 17 got a chance for a try-out with a team in England.  He refereed during his teen years, and became a requested ref for Cup games.  He’s now a coach, holding his provincial ticket and working toward his national ticket.  He coaches 2 teams, under 14 and under 17 – both teams doing superbly well, and parents and players alike respecting and appreciating his skills and insights.
Scholastically, he was always a little ahead of himself in most areas, assessed at reading at a Grade 12 level when in Grade 6.  The biggest problem was math, but we managed to work through that and he went on to university.  He’s now a social worker, working for the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  He plans to get his Master’s Degree, when his wife is finished with her studies.
Married almost 2 years ago, to this lovely young woman, whom we’ve embraced as another daughter. they are a couple who are committed to God and live to love and serve Him. 
Happy, happy birthday darling son.  We love you and wish all God’s blessings for you.

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  1. Oh happy birthday to your fine son. My baby was 33 in January and has a Masters in Social work. She is director of a VOA Family Homeless Shelter in Louisville. These kids are sharp today. No grass grows under their feet. I had my blog printed up into a book in sections. A little at a time. Go take a look at it. It is very nice.