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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy belated

In the middle of the Christmas rush, a birthday was celebrated.  I didn’t forget, remembered to get a card, organize a gift, send it out, phone on the day, even posted a note on Facebook.  What I didn’t get around to doing was to honor this special person here on my blog.

The special person?  Our DSIL.

Two days before Christmas was DSIL’s day.  We’ve only really known him for about three years, even though the two of them went to high school together, back about 15 years ago.  But we’ve come to appreciate this young man, and continue to grow in our admiration of and love for him.
He’s a wonderfully loving and fun soul,  with myriads of friends, some of whom we got to meet and/or know better when we celebrated the wedding in Dominican Republic in November.  He’s kind and generous and caring – and loves our DD with all his heart.  He’s traveled much of the world already, and loves to surf.  He’s a sports nut, and avidly follows hockey and football.  He trained as a mechanic a few years ago, so we know that he can keep their cars running.  He’s handy around the house, turning his hand to painting, and fixing, and carpentry, and drywall, and plumbing – not hesitating to try to figure out what needs to be done.  He’s a hard worker, and especially loves to be out in the yard, and even in the dry Calgary weather, he manages to produce wonderful tomatoes – which he makes into salsa (yes, he’s even good in the kitchen).  In this past year he completed his training as an electrical engineer, with top marks all the way.  His job isn’t quite where he wants to be yet, but we have every confidence that he’ll find just the right one – in the right time.

So here’s to you, DSIL, may your coming year bring you all the joy and love and hope that you could wish for.

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  1. I can see how a bd might slip by with all the goings on you folks have had. Happy belated birthday to your DSIL. We are celebrating our youngest daughter's bd Friday. She shares a birthday with Elvis Presley, who she never knew.