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Sunday, January 3, 2010

QuiPs, UFOs and WiPs

What is it about a New Year that makes one want to clean up all the leftovers from the last year – not just the turkey dinner, but all the projects and ideas sprung throughout the past year that somehow never got finished, or maybe not even off the ground.
As much as I don’t practice making resolutions, I still find myself making plans to tackle these things: Quilts in Progress, UnFinished Objects, Works in Progress.
QuiPs:  well, they always seem to be there, don’t they?  There’s Homespun Harmony – begun in January 2009 as a fun project – set aside in the tyranny of the urgent quilts that had deadlines.

And the plans to make a quilt for DS1 –

One other in the works is a joint project that will be a surprise for a little later in the year (the last secret, I promise, at least for this moment).
UFOs – I don’t tend to have a lot of those around, unless I’m currently working on it – the only one I can think of is this cross-stitch that I started 2 1/2 years ago:

 We visited the studio of Marion Rose Keay a few years ago to buy a print of one of her folk-art paintings.  She gave me a couple of pictures of paintings that she no longer had prints left, with permission to do quilts or cross-stitch designs.  The one of Kilby Farm (close to where we live) I transferred into a cross-stitch pattern, and when done will be about 28x18.5 – here it is about a quarter done.  This got started in July 07, and got attention for about 6 months, didn’t get picked up at all in 08, and then got about a month’s work done in 09.  It’s out again for evening work when not doing anything else.

WiPs – what can I say?  There’s always the house.  Somehow in January I always get a redecorating bug.  Not that the house needs redecorating, but it seems this is when I start thinking of the changes/additions I’d like to make.  Some get done, some don’t.  The biggest project I’d like to tackle soon is the master bedroom – six years in this house, and I’ve finally decided what color I’d like this room to be.  So maybe??

Actually I’m the biggest WiP in my life – there’s always room for change and improvement, and I trust God will show me what needs to be done in relationships and attitude.  Much of last year I concentrated on weight loss, and did accomplish good strides to my ultimate goal – maybe another 10 pounds this year??  Anything is possible.
So here’s to the non-resolution of trying to clean up some of the leftovers from 2009.                             Peg


  1. I enjoyed your wrapup of all your projects. You are doing good. All of my creative tools, paints and fabrics are put away and out of sight. Everything is neat and HH has the kitchen table all to himself to spread out the newspaper. It is sad. I have a studio upstairs, but want to be downstairs and no place for a studio so I use the kitchen table too. I just hesitate to drag everything out, but am itching to get going on something. Maybe my NY's resolution needs to be get into that studio and create. Blessings

  2. I have a few UFOs in my basket as well. They seemed like great ideas at the time, but somehow fell into the What what I thinking? category along the way. There is even a pair of truly "alien" mittens in there. That being said... I now have two new ideas for UFO-themed designs.