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Friday, January 1, 2010

Retrospect and Predictions

A New Year!!  Wishing for all of you out there the very best in the coming year.
The last few days everywhere I look, I see various themes on the year in retrospect.  In looking back at our year, it’s been a very full one with so very many times of joy and fulfillment.  This mosaic covers the highlights:

January found us in Calgary, having spent Christmas with our children there, then staying to house/dog/cat sit for DD her then partner as they went on a winter vacation – memories of my childhood in Calgary
February was our first (and only so far) experience helping out with Emergency Social Services after an apartment fire in our area – making new memories
March we bought what I call our miracle car – a lovely mini-van at an extremely good price – and memories of vehicles down the years that have served us so well as we chauffeured children and friends to ….  soccer, track, dance, school ….
April DD and partner got engaged, which began the many months of planning for their November wedding – and memories of our and other family weddings
May was the first of the engagement/wedding celebrations, surprisingly meeting old high school friends – and memories of lots of other celebrations
June was our big RV trip, to Bella Coola, and driving down one of the scariest roads I’ve ever encountered, but seeing some beautiful country never before seen – and memories of other trips around our beautiful province
July we were back at Highland Games, as has been our regular summer pastime for the last 10 years or so – and memories of all the good times with the athletes and friends, and watching our DS1 competing
August was the big family reunion to celebrate my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary – and so very many memories of wonderful family times over the years
September and another RV trip, this time to the Sunshine Coast -and reliving memories of a trip with our children, and remembering the long-running TV show The Beachcombers shot in this area
October was the annual fall hunting trip – actually my time to get caught up on fall cleaning while the guys enjoyed the outdoors – and memories of hunting with my father as a child
November was wedding month, the trip of course creating its own new memories – but bringing back memories of other trips to warm climates during the cold winter months
December and we’re back at Christmas, enjoying good times and wonderful fellowship with family and friends – and memories of other Christmases and the parents and grandparents who made those times so perfect

Along with the retrospects of the past year, there are also the predictions for the coming year.  In a trip to visit my parents over the holiday, we were glancing through a magazine they had laying on their coffee table.  Being a January issue, there was a large spread of a new horoscope column.  I rarely look at horoscopes, not being a huge believer that anybody can predict accurately for millions of people born in any given time-frame.  But, here it was and we were a little intrigued to see what was said about our personalities – not too far off actually.  Then there was, of course the prediction for the year; apparently I have ideas floating in the back of my mind that I need to act on.  Sure wish I knew what those ideas are.  But when I look to the coming year, I simply have decided to enjoy each moment to the fullest, and merrily tackle any projects and challenges that come my way.
New Years’ Resolutions are not a part of my usual New Year celebrations, having learned many years ago that if I actually do remember the resolutions, they usually fall apart before the first month is out.  I’m much better at waking up in the morning and deciding what to do for that day, and hoping that I can actually accomplish everything I set out to do.  That just means that the next day, I can start all over again – and attempt to do the  things that I didn’t get done the day before.  When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I tried setting weekly goals and sharing them with you (I guess a kind of resolution), but that didn’t last as is usual with my resolutions.  So this year, I’m concentrating on not making any promises – to myself or to anybody else.  That way nobody is disappointed.
So here’s wishing all of you that you find the year to be everything you hope (and resolve) it to be.

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