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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Small, Small World

It’s come to home what a very small world we live in.
Last summer our dear, dear friends added a daughter-in-law to their family.  Just before Christmas our friends received an e-mail story from this new daughter-in-law, about dogs.  Our friends decided to forward it to DH’s brother and sister-in-law.  In forwarding it our friends neglected to delete the list of original recipients of the message.  DH’s brother was looking at the message and recognized a couple of names in the list of recipients – a cousin, and the cousin’s daughter.  He asked us – how does this young woman know our relatives? 
So we proceeded to get in touch with the original sender, via Facebook where we have been friends for a while already.  The answer came as a real surprise – DH’s cousin is our friends’ daughter-in-law’s stepfather.  The daughter-in-law and the cousin’s daughter had gone to school together, been in the same swim club – and eventually their parents made a match.

 So the branches of our family tree are ever spreading, and include some surprises along the way.  Who knows who we might be related to, distantly or otherwise.  I’ve always found genealogy fascinating, and did some extensive studies a few years ago, but always in the past – it never occurred to me that I should look at the current generations to see where our connections may be.
The idea of six degrees of separation, in this instance, has shrunk to about three degrees, if I calculate correctly.  It makes me wonder – who else might I be connected, if not directly or indirectly related to?


  1. Peg For a fee you can go on Ancestry.com but here we can go to our library and use it free. All you have to do is put your immediate info up to about 3 generations and all kinds of leaves will start popping up. If you want to try Ancestry.com for a month is is a lot less than for a year. You can get it all in a month and then decline the subscription. I became so addicted to genealogy before I started to blog. It will also tell you if you are related to anyone famous. Happy hunting.

  2. Isnt it fascinating to think of all the possible connections we might have.