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A Pieceful Life


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Any Followers out There?

This is a picture from DD's wedding - the wedding party following the leader - so much fun!!!

I'm a follower.  Everytime I discover a new and interesting blog, I 'follow' it.  There are so many fascinating and wonderful bloggers out there, with so much inspiration and ideas that I just can't resist.  Most of them have this little gadget on their blog page that I could click on and, voila, I'm a follower.  A little while ago, I added a little gadget to see where my visitors are from, and found they're all over the world.  That's incredible!  So I thought, maybe some of those folks would find it easier to connect if I had a little follower gadget on my blog page.  So it's there on the side-bar - if anybody is interested. 

If you've visited, but not connected with a comment, I'd love to know who you are, where you're from, how you found me, what we have in common.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.    See you in blogger-land                      Peg


  1. It is lovely both having followers and being a follower...but I never find enough time to visit everyone.
    you have followers from all around the world, indeed!

  2. Hi Peg, I clicked on your followers list and had been having problems with Google Followers lists under my QMM photo, but Peggy came up so that is me. I don't know why there is no photo there. I have been a followers a long time.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth and Peggy - I've appreciated you as followers and friends, and the comments and encouragement you both regularly send my way. Not sure why Peggy's photo doesn't show up, I tried it myself to see how this joining thing works, and my profile photo displayed on the joining page. Must be one of those glitches. But thanks for being followers - at least I know where 2 people come from LOL

  4. Hi Peg,
    I love when blogs have a follow button...just one click and you're linked into my blog reader. I always checked your blog when you left a comment on mine, but now you are automatically on my list.
    Take care,