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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Celebrating 100 – and a Giveaway

100 posts!!!  Hard to believe that I’ve arrived at this milestone.  My first post appeared Dec. 7, 2008, inspired by friends and a sister, intended to share about retired life, but mostly focusing on quilting.  Lately the quilting hasn’t been too prevalent as other interests/hobbies/work seem to have taken over.  I am getting back to it, and hope to share more of that with you again.
But I digress – 15 months of blogging, and so many new friends, so much learned, so very inspired.  A little while ago I added a gadget to see where some of these friends are:  Canada and US makes sense, but then there’s Norway, France, Great Britain, Australia, India, Netherlands, Russia and a few others.  That’s amazing to me.  Anybody that’s commented on my blogs, I’ve begun to follow, and you can see them (and a lot of others) on the sidebar.
I want to celebrate this milestone, by sharing a little something, so I’ve decided to do a give-away.  If you’d like to participate, just comment and tell me your favorite color.  I’ll draw on March 14 and announce the winner then. 
Yesterday I attended a Strip Club.  No, not strippers, male or female of any kind!!!   A local quilt shop, and a dear friend, host ‘clubs’ a few times a moth – yesterday’s was on building quilts from strips.  At the end of the class, they announced a challenge, related to the Olympics. 
Here’ a picture of the block they want us to do, in these colors (red and white for Canada, gold for medals) and add some personal touches related to the Olympics.  I have some ideas around that, so bought the fabric, and will try to get started this week. 001 (3)

They also announced a Row-by-Row club – a kind of BOM, but doing rows each month for a wall hanging, again that reflects Canada.  This is the first few rows:
003 (2) I won’t be able to attend the classes for the first while, but I can purchase the kits and instructions.  This starts next week.
So, some quilting work cut out for me (no pun intended).
I look forward to hearing from you all.    Happy days!!!


  1. Orange! I love orange, the colour of creativity and renewal.

  2. Dear Peg, always thanks for your visits. Isn't it wonderful the folks who visit from other countries? I am loving it. Your work is so beautiful. I would love to win something from you. I think Canada should be so proud of these games, aside from what all the media has to say, which doesn't mount to a hill of beans to me, I am proud to be your neighbor. I must admit though I will be glad when it warms up here. Blessings

  3. I know how thrilled I was to get to my first hundred..well done!
    I'd love to participate in your draw, but I live in France so maybe that could be difficult. However, my colour is blue!

  4. My favorite color is pink. But not the bright almost purple pink or the Barbie pink. i like a pale soft pastel pink.

    Congratulatins on your 100th post.

  5. I like all shades of green-the color of springtime!

    Elaine R

  6. Peg,
    My favorite color- that is a hard question because I love color but I guess it would be pink though I am loving red right now- I am a big fan of all the jewel tones- rich ultramarine blue, jade green, magenta pink, royal purple, turquoise etc- especially when they are used with black as a background.
    Congratulations on the blog celebration.
    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee- What a great Olympics. What a fantastic hockey game.

  7. Blue has always been my favorite. When I paint, I almost always put a blue bit in it. My favorite blue has just a touch of green in it but still looks richly blue. I love all shades of blue though.

  8. Blue is my favourite colour. Blue for the skies and water of Australia. ( Just so you know were I am visiting from.)

  9. I Love green - the color of life
    Mary-anne from Australia

  10. Congrats on 100 posts-My Favourite colour is green-green and more green as we only get 5 months of green up here (Northern Territory,Australia)and the rest is yukky brown dried up vegetation everywhere..green is so fresh and lively to look at,cheers Vickie

  11. congrats on the 100 I have only just found your blog and added it to my list to read
    I love green
    hugs Beth

  12. Hi Peg, I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up creating. Congrats on your 100th post. Blogging is a great way to meet new friends isn't it. My favorite color is pink/rose. Have a great day