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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A quick hello

It’s been a while, sorry not to have kept up better with all of you.  I have been reading blogs and sending the occasional comment, but not getting to sit down and keep you all up with goings-on here. 
The temporary job has begun – sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, just organizing and learning and gathering data and preparing for training sessions.  All will be finished about mid-April, jut in time to take a short vacation with our trailer.
In the meantime – ballet lessons are going okay, at least now I can walk without extreme pain, and I have some exercises to do to try to get/keep in shape.  But when I try to do a pirouette, I’m lucky to get 1/2 way around.  It’s actually quite funny watching this dumpy little body in the mirror trying to act like a lithe, graceful ballerina.  The exercise is good, and will serve me well in keeping up with an exercise program, because I really do enjoy dancing in any form, and love the things that I’m learning.
Valentine’s Day has come and gone – I came home from work on the Friday before to this:
003 (3) Aren’t they gorgeous?  DH knows I’m not really a pink person and chose very carefully  (actually the ‘pink’ flowers are more of a salmon-coral color).  He also managed to get me some favorite chocolates, and cooked a wonderful brunch for us.  Aaah – there’s nothing like love.
Also, the Olympics have started just down the highway a bit – we’ve never been huge fans, and just kind of keep up with Canada’s medal winning through the news – and are avoiding heading into the city during these weeks.  But patriotism and pride in Canada  is all around us, and we’re certainly sharing in those feelings.
So after this little break, and the chance to touch bases with you all, it’s back to the grindstone.  The weather outside is delightful, so I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to walk back and forth to the office.                    Talk to you all soon.

Blessings          Peg

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  1. Peg you need to read my sidebar about Blogging without Obligation. I will check it out and make sure it is there or I will send it to you via e-mail.