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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Better Late then Never

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and our lovely DIL’s birthday almost passed by me.  It didn’t really, we had a lovely dinner with her family to celebrate with her, a couple of days after the actual day.  But I really wanted to share with you all the joy that this lovely young woman has brought into our lives.

M came into our lives almost three years ago, a few months after DS2 started to date her.  For such a young person, she’s been through a lot of change and disruption in her life.  Born in Croatia, her family fled that country during the wars when she was just 4 years old.  They lived in Germany until she was 11, then came to Canada, sponsored by one of our local churches.  She speaks fluent Croatian and German, and is certainly no slouch at English as well.  A bright student, she’s now in university with the goal of becoming an Occupational Therapist.

She’s a dedicated Christian, and has no greater desire than to love as Christ loves.  To that end, about a year before they were married, the two of them joined a short-term missions trip to Haiti.  The recent devastation in that country has torn at their hearts, as they recall the people they met there.

Becoming part of our family almost two years ago, M has embraced us as parents, as we’ve embraced her as another daughter.  She’s beautiful, loving, disciplined, thoughtful, goal-oriented, full of smiles and hugs.  She has certainly made our son happy, and enjoys her life as a wife.

100_3897 This is a favorite picture (with her hubby) – as you can see she loves cats too.

A little late, but ….  M we love you, and cherish you, wishing you only the best.  Thank you for becoming part of our lives.


  1. Those in-law children as such a true blessing. We have lost two sons-in-law to divorce, but have remained friends as they are the father of our grands. Thank goodness there is not fussing and fighting. You are truly blessed. I so enjoy all the family stories and hearing about your activities. Blessings

  2. Aw, you made DIL cry! THANKS MOM! Love you.

    What does DS2 mean? Just call me Spud! :)

    ps-Croatian people born in Bosnia apparently (news to me!) there is no such thing as Bosnian people! Who knew! Not me.

  3. Or TURD....but maybe that's only for Alina.