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A Pieceful Life


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frost on the rooftop

This morning as I walked to work, I thought 'it may be March, but it feels more like January.'  The air was crisp, smoke puffing from the chimneys, my breath hovering in front of my face, the sky clear with the sun peeking over the mountain tops with the promise of brilliance - and the frost on the roof tops.

It brought to mind other frost in my life right now - like the frost on top of my head!!  As much as the weather seems to be going backwards (spring-like February to winter-like March), my age is leaping forwards in bounds.  How I wish some days that age could go backwards.  But this frost was earned, and every grey hair is a reminder of all of the joys and adventures that life has brought my way.

The other frost in my life right now is the frosting to be found on cupcakes.  We're in full swing getting ready for the reception to celebrate, with the folks here at home, the marriage of our DD and DSIL last November.  And they want cupcakes.  I wish I could say this is what they'll look like:  

But if I want to be real - this is more my style:

Their colors are actually teal and yellow, so after hours in cake shops trying to come up with teal or yellow cupcake papers (they don't exist), teal or yellow decorations (they don't exist), recipes and ideas (now these are in abundance) - the decision is:  DH will make a display rack which we'll decorate with teal ribbon.  I've discovered that cake sprinkle decorations can be dyed, and yellow food color is available so I've brought home a pile of sprinkles and will start practicing.  There's even a class on cupcakes coming up, so I signed up for that to see if I can gain some proficiency, because a professional baker, I AM NOT!

Frost/ing - no matter where it is, it adds a little sparkle, a joy in experience, a new dimension.

Here's wishing you all a little frost/ing in your lives.



  1. I have gotten to appreciate all my gray hairs. Like you I earned them all. I know you family will love the cupcakes not matter what but I almost know from getting to know you, you want them perfect. Of course. The best for the best.

  2. Have fun with the food coloring! The last time I experimented with it, I ended up with some very interesting color combinations on my fingers, hands, arms, you name it. I was amazed at how far a little speck of red food coloring will go - especially when the bottle leaked. :-)

    ST your DSI

  3. Sounds like a fun project. I wish I could be there. I'm trying to talk Dave into taking a few days off and going down before the conference for a visit. We'll see.

    Every time I read your blogs, I fall just a little bit more in love with your writing. Your observations are expressed so well. Can't wait for you next Magpie story!

    Love ya lots

  4. Love this post, this sounds soo fun. No I`m off to descover more of your blog just have to go and get myself a cup of something nice and oh a cupcake would be perfect....