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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Touching Bases – and Giveaway Reminder

Checking out cyberspace friends this morning, as I try to do every morning, and I sit amazed at how much time some of them seem to have to spend on their computers.  Some folks blog daily, with tons of pictures – when do they find time to take all those pictures, and then sit down to write about the experience and load the pictures and have it all make sense to the readers? 

Then there’s Facebook – an amazingly wonderful way to keep up with daily, and sometimes hour-to-hour activities of all those friends and family that I don’t get to visit with face-to-face.  But – hour-to-hour, and sometimes even more???  I know it only takes a minute to enter a quick status, but where do they fit it in and everything else that they’re sharing they’re doing every day?

I guess what’s most amazing to me is that they all seem to accomplish the every-day – housework, cooking meals, jobs, visiting friends and family whether over meals or coffees or at special events.  And then there’s the quilters and crafters, who pump out project after project with seeming ease.  And some of them have young families – children who need to get to activities, and have help with homework, and schools that need parents to help.

It is all most amazing to me.  Each blog I do takes about an hour – maybe I spend just too much time thinking about what I’m saying and how to say it just right and making sure that spelling and grammar and layout and…..  Well I’m sure you get the picture. 

But talking about pictures – I only wanted to share with you all this morning, the one little project that I completed this week.


100_5556   Just for St. Patrick’s Day – a little table topper.  This is one of my favorite patterns, whips up in almost no time!

Last week, I announced a give-away, but I didn’t tell you all what the give-away was to be – mostly because I hadn’t completely decided.  So this is some of what the winner will be getting:  in honor of the recent Olympics, and because I AM CANADIAN – a pair of placemats in Canada’s colors, red and white; also a pair of pillowcases made just for you in your favorite color; and a few other goodies.  So to get in on the draw – just comment and tell me your favorite color – draw date is coming March 14! 

We’re bottling wine today, then out to visit some friends, then celebrating our DIL’s birthday this evening – should fill up the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful day everyone – back again soon, I hope!



  1. Hi Peg, I do post every day, but sometimes I do a week's posting at one time, that way I don't spend everyday all day on the computer. Almost all of my days have themes and for me that helps like Sepia Saturday, I have 5 Saturdays done and so on.
    I might try that centerpiece. I would love something done in Canada's colors or whatever you have in mind. Blessings

  2. Interestingly enough - my favorite color is red. We painted our kitchen walls, which were a hideous concoction of purple, aqua, herbs, words and just plain ugly - painted them white and now I can use my beloved red in the kitchen again.

    We had such fun during the Olympics - seeing the wonderful Canadian people coming together - and then that hockey game - who could not cheer for the Canadian team, even when they played "our team" - we were beyond happy when Canada scored that goal - wonderful Olympics - great game!!!

  3. I wish I knew their trick. I would love to have (find) the time to blog daily, whip out amazing knitting projects by the truck load and have a clean house, a beautiful garden and amazing meals on the table. (Well, maybe not the amazing meals on the table part - that's just asking way too much! lol)