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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Memory

On this day, as I've read a few blogs that sent wishes and even one that caught me, I'm reminded of a memorable April Fools Day some 20 years ago.

My brother, J, is the third in the family after two girls.  I'm sure it was self-defense, but he was always a tease.  He could always catch us in little things like pointing at our chest as if to say we'd dribbled something, then when we'd look he'd chuck our chin and say 'Gotcha'; or pointing off in the distance saying 'look at that' and when we looked he'd say 'made you look!!'.  In our teens, we moved from the city to a rural area, complete with electric fences - and, you guessed it, standing in the tall grass, J reached over and touched my shoulder, then grabbed the LIVE electric fence.  The jolt of course went right through him and nearly knocked me off my feet.  I spent many years dreaming of the day I'd get him.

Well, the day came one year when I travelled from our home in southern BC to visit the family in the north country.  DH wasn't able to join us on the trip so I was the sole driver with the children.  The plan had been to stop part way and arrival would have been on April 1 sometime in the afternoon.  But we made good time, and the kids didn't want to stop, just anxious to get to Grandma and Grandpa's as soon as possible, so we arrived mid-evening on March 31.  We didn't phone all of my brothers and sisters that evening.

The next morning, not long after breakfast, my sisters proceeded to phone to see what time we were expected, and came to my parents' house shortly after they discovered we were already there.  As the morning wore on, we realized that we hadn't heard from J or his wife yet.  So I got on the phone and my SIL answered.

SIL: So you're here - how was the drive?
Me: (in a disgusted voice) Yeah, we're here, stupid car!!
SIL: What's wrong?
Me: Well, the car broke down just the other side of the bridge, and we all walked into town, got here to the pizza place, and there's nobody home at Mom and Dad's house.  I've called a tow truck and we're waiting for him to pick us up now and take us back to the car - can you get J to come and meet us there?
SIL: What can he do?
Me: I don't know, I just want somebody else there
SIL: Okay, he's outside - I'll send him along

We could see J's house from my parent's kitchen window, up the hill just a little way.  We sat at the table and watched him pull out of his driveway and come down the road, stopping at the corner just 300 feet from my parents' house, in clear view of their driveway.  I fully expected J to see my car at the house and come straight over.  But, he didn't - he turned the other way and headed out to the highway and the bridge!!

About 20 minutes later, J burst into my parents' kitchen

J: I thought you were broken down out on the highway
Me: I don't know what you're talking about.  We got here last night and have been sitting here waiting for you to come down
J: Well, L said you called and told her that your car was broken down the other side of the bridge.
Me: I don't know what L told you, but honestly, we've just been sitting here.  You know what, it's April Fools Day - L is probably pulling your leg
J:  (cursing) We'll just see about that              And he slams out the door, into his car, and heads for home

I couldn't believe that I not only got him, but I got him twice!!!  In one day!!!  I've never again even thought of a joke as good as this one - and have had so much fun with this over the years, including the day I got to tell his daughters how I got their dad!

Happy April Fools Day everyone - hope the jokes today are pure fun for you.


  1. That was a bit naughty!
    Today in France it is known as Poisson d'Avril day.

  2. That was a good one. Today is one of my daughter's birthday. She is 40. The day I went to the hospital Tom was a work in the city and my SIL took me. We stopped at where he parked his car to car pool and left him a note telling him I was at the hospital and we had twins. He did not doubt it one bit since we had twins our first pregnancy. When he got to the hospital he was wide eyed and a little upset. we already had 4 children. I had a good laugh at "April Fools" day. I put that on her birthday post last year but didn't include it today. Blessings

  3. I laughed out loud, Peg. It isn't easy to get big brother, but you got him good. That was too funny.

  4. I lauged out loud. It isn't easy to pull one over on J, but you got him good. That was too funny.

  5. I lauged out loud. It isn't easy to pull one over on J, but you got him good. That was too funny.

  6. That is a good one and as it made me smile I can imagine you smiled as your told us the story too.